Matthew Gwynne Arrested, Married At First Sight Jailed After Breaking Into Ex Home

Matthew Gwynne

The popular basketball player Matthew Gwynne is arrested recently on charges of domestic violence in his ex-girlfriend’s home.  According to the sources, He was held in Nashville, Tennessee jail by the local police in response to the complaint. The shocking news was confirmed by many sources on the internet. Let’s discuss the matter in detail. … Read more

Tiara Van Nortwick a.k.a Tiara Brianna Died in Car Accident

Tiara Van Nortwick

It’s really saddened to announce that a beautiful lady named Tiara Van Nortwick also known as Tiara Brianna died in a car accident in New Jersey. Her beautiful pic is circulating on social media platforms like Twitter, Reddit, and Facebook. Thousands of internet users and hundreds of her friends were paying tribute to the salesperson. … Read more