Well Known Beauty Makeup Artist Aj Crimson Passed away

We are saddened to announce the passing of popular makeup artist Aj Crimson. The information about his death was confirmed by multiple sources on the internet. The circumstances around his death remain undisclosed at the moment. His sudden passing broke the hearts of his fan following.

There are many condolences and tributes messages from the popular personality. Our team also extends our deepest condolences to his family for the great loss. Stay with the article to explore more about his life. 

who was Aj Crimson beauty?

Aj Crimson was a talented makeup artist, entrepreneur, a lifestyle expert from Detroit, Michigan. Former Partner at Kissable Couture. He was well known in the fashion industry. He was the owner of AJ Crimson Beauty which became a brand later. The same was started in 2013 motive to beautify all women of color.  Information related to his personal life age, net worth, family, etc remains undisclosed.

Aj Crimson

Arista S Garcia wrote “I am at a loss of words. I met AJ Crimson in 2014 at a beauty show in Florida. He immediately took to my personality & I immediately took to his. So much that we exchanged phone numbers and I convinced him to bring his class to Alabama” You can follow him on Facebook where around 3k people follow him. 

Aj Crimson artist Death

The saddening news of Aj Crimson Death left the family and friends numb and silent. He was a kind-hearted, lively, and dedicated man who cares for his people. “My heart is so deeply saddened by the loss of AJ. Celebrity Makeup Artist Aj Crimson had a beautiful presence about himself and such a humble spirit. I remember being a judge at the Mane Stream Hair and Beauty Expo Mane Tampa alongside him with a few other giants within the beauty industry. “

From early life, he decided to make his career in makeup. and with his relentless hard work and dedication, he achieved what desired. As of now what happened to aj crimson remains a big question because family members or any official source have not revealed anything in the context. Our team is trying its best to collect more leads and will update you further. 

Makeup Artist Cause of death

At the moment we can’t confirm the Aj Crimson death caused due to lack of information. We are still waiting for the official notice to come out in the public domain. He was a young and healthy man his passing shocked each one who met him personally. Internet netizens are also curious to explore the cause of the death of makeup artists. 

There are hundreds of mourning messages outpouring on social media platforms. People are remembering him by sharing some unforgettable moments shared together. “AJ. I don’t even know where to begin. You are an incredible soul inside & out. You taught me so much. You believed in me. You took a chance with me. You encouraged me. I would reach out to you all the time for advice and not once did you turn me away. You supported me, connected me with amazing people. You helped me grow so much as an artist. ” said Breanna Zachery. 

Johnny Cannon reacted “R.I.H my brother Aj Crimson, I just got this horrible news. You definitely left a lasting impression on me and my family and especially Lyndsey Cannon. From day one you vowed to give your all in starting your management company with Lyndsey as your first client, and that you did.”

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