Instagram Sensation Alonzo Howard’s death rumors make his fans worried about him as rumors claim he died in an accident. 

Another Breaking news is hitting the internet hard as the News is about a well-known personality Alonzo Howard. His fans look very upset because they are continuously searching about the Alonzo Howard died or alive. The death news of Alonzo Howard is becoming viral very fastly on the internet, Here we are going to reveal the death news of famous celebrity is true or just a rumor.

Alonzo Howard is a well-known American social media and Instagram personality, and he became a very well identity on social media among social media users. He has a big name on Instagram because of his challenge accepting spirit and he did some competitive challenges like dubsmash and dancing challenges. Alonzo Howard started his Instagram just for fun because before becoming a famous Instagram personality he was a good athlete as a good basketball player, a football player, and a good boxer.

Alonzo Howard Died

Alonzo Howard started uploading his funny photos and videos on his Instagram handle, through the funny posts he started getting attention from netizens in big amounts. And in a very short time period, he gets a huge fan following and became a social media star. He started his Instagram journey in 2016 and become a big Instagram star in just a few months.

The famous Instagram personality Alonzo Howard is still alive, there have so many rumors becoming viral about his accident and death but there is no proof is available which can prove he is no more with us. The news of Alonzo Howard’s death is just a rumor no more something else.

We can say his death news is only a rumor because here no statement has been released by his family or friends about his death on their social media handles. He started doing the Teen Talk show in which he was a host and this profession he started after becoming a famous personality on Instagram. And he has also done work in dancing videos with ChyTheGreatest for his Instagram.

Who is Alonzo Howard?

Alonzo Howard was born on 14 August 2000 in St. Petersburg, Florida, and also grew up in the same city. His parents have a total of five children three daughters and two sons and he is one of them. IN 2016 he was in a relationship with lamg0ldiecurls, an Instagram star and they had a son together but after some time in 2017 they broke up. But at the moment he is not married and he is single.

Nothing is available to know more about his past relationship because he is a very simple man and he is very clear to his fans. He wants to leave simple life and doesn’t want any controversy and rumors because of his simplicity, people want to follow him and want to know everything about him.

His Instagram handle name was @dread head now he is turned off his Instagram account due to some reasons. he has 60000 followers on his Instagram before turning off it. There are so many Instagram handles available with his name out of which it is very difficult to identify which one is real and which one is fake.

Before becoming an Instagram star he played basketball, football, and boxing at a young age, and as he grew up he started uploading his play on his youtube channel but the channel is also not available on you tube right now.

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