Amber Mcelravy Child Video Real Mom accused of Beating 5-year-old son

Videos of Amber Rae McElravy are recently gaining so much attention on social media. The video contains clearly how Rae is abusing her toddler by beating the kid with a belt. She is also seen tossing him into the room. The video was recorded and now making rounds everywhere.

You can find the same on Facebook as well as other social networking sites spreading like wildfire. People are searching for the video and sharing their reactions to the inhuman action of the toddler mother. We will share more information further in this blog so keep reading. 

Amber Mcelravy Video Real

Not much about the personal life of Amber Rae McElravy is known in the public domain. According to her Facebook page of the lady, she lives in Newton Falls, Ohio although belongs to Anderson, South Carolina. “The fact that we can google your name and see “child abuse” attached to it makes me have faith in humanity. We’re all coming together and making sure your name is tarnished for the rest of your life.

It doesn’t heal that boy’s trauma but it will definitely hurt you. ” said Brandon Michael following her video that went viral. Amber is a married woman with children. She is recently making news headlines of various news outlets after her video went viral which clearly shows her inhuman action toward her toddler. In the video, Rae can be seen beating the 5-year-old brutally with the belt and tossing him to the floor. 

Mcelravy Child Video Leaked

The video is circulated heavily on social networking sites. And keeping the video as proof a case is already registered against the mother for child abuse. Some of the sources revealed that she is now in the custody. The clip was uploaded on Facebook first from where it spread to other social platforms.

Cierra Carolynn said condemning the act “Amber Rae McElravy I’m usually not one to speak on things, but what you did to that sweet innocent baby boy is absolutely disgusting. You were trusted to love him and raise him, and you did the exact opposite. I’m traumatized from watching the video” 

Another social media user wrote “Idk how anyone can watch a video of a child being abused!!! I cried cause the video popped up in the comments I got so sick to my stomach and clicked off”

Now you can find the fire of the MCELRAVY CHILD VIDEO on Twitter, Reddit, and TikTok. Thousands of people have condemned the brutal action of the mother and demanded appropriate legal action against her. No matter whatever the reason behind her action behaving in just inhuman and showing almost cruelty towards the toddler is a matter of deep concern. Nowadays these kinds of incidents are quite common on the internet which is really an alarming situation demanding stringent laws against the people. 

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