Archie Battersby is an adolescent kid from Essex, England who was recently making news headlines after the news of his permanent brain damage.  The reason behind this situation can be linked with the blackout challenge of Tiktok. Archie was the kind of kid who spent a lot of time watching and creating videos on the TikTok.

His desperation towards the same went too far that he lost his sense of what is wrong and what is right. And now you can see the implication of the same. We will share more details about Archie Battersby in this blog. if you wanted to learn everything about the kid then we advise you to continue your reading. 

Who is Archie Battersby?

Archie Battersby is an adolescent belongs from England. He was quite attracted to the social media platforms and especially the short video sharing app Tiktok.

No doubt Tiktok has touched the different milestones with its massive users and fan following. But the increasing use of the platform has created so many problems too which can’t be overruled.

People especially the young are spending lots of time on these kinds of video-sharing platforms. They commit risky stunts and challenges to gain likes and lots of comments on their profile.

The case that happened on April 7, 2022, shocked the entire internet. And also reveal the dark side of the TikTok. Archie who was attempting the  Blackout challenge on the TikTok is now in the worst condition than his family members have ever thought. 

 archie battersby

Archie Battersby, what happened to him?

Archie Battersby Suffered Brain Stem Damage following his attempt at the blackout challenge on the platform. He strangled himself badly with a shoelace in the challenge. Following the same, his family members find him unresponsive.

Later on, he was admitted to Royal London Hospital. Since April 7, 2022, there was no evidence of any improvement in his health condition. The doctor revealed that his brain has stopped responding.

However, like any other parent, they still believe that their son will improve from the situation very soon. 

Archie Battersby accident

Archie Battersby accident has gained social media attention on a large scale. People are talking about him and sharing their sympathy with the family members who are going through a lot these days. Alison Reynolds wrote “My heart breaks for the family of Archie Battersby but if he breathes for himself, if his heart carries on beating when the machines are turned off he won’t return to be a normal child he will be profoundly disabled, his family will have to fight for the simplest things ie incontinence pads”

Another tweeted “Please pray for Archie Battersby it may help, please don’t turn off his life support, he is still there, it should be up to his parents when they know there is no hope, his heart is still beating, this government wastes a lot more money than keeping this boy alive. PRAY PRAY”

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