Popular Rapper Woadie2live was killed last night in front of a club. and sources revealed that Bandman Fari is the guy who has been arrested in charge of killing Woadie2live. Who is Bandman Fari? and does he killed Woadie2live? Be on the blog to know the complete story of Bandman Fari.

Bandman Fari

Who is Bandman Fari? Wiki

A hard to believe and shocking news is found about Bandman Fari that he is a close friend of Woadie2live. Bandman Fari is also a rapper by profession even on youtube he has many songs with his friend Woadie2live. This is really shocking that a person killed their own close friend.

As the sources revealed, Bandman Fari has a secret jealously with Woadie2live and that is why he killed his friend in front of a club late at night.

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People on social media are full of anger with Bandman Fari for killing his own friend. Currently, any strong evidence regarding why Bandman Fari killed Woadie2live has not come in front of our team. But we are working on it.

On Facebook One person wrote “Popular #Dallas artist #BandmanFari was arrested for the shooting death of #Woadie2Live last night.”

Another Said “These youngins murder they homies like it ant nothing they dont know the meaning of loyalty. Bruh all in pics with dude all at the club. DFW don’t love nobody y’all better leave them streets alone. Dalworth was making a name in the music scene”

 More Updates will be published soon on this blog. 

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