A Staggering video of Two young cousins was getting viral on social media platforms since it was first posted by Twitter handle bankrollgeo38.  In the viral clip, one can see a girl age 12-year shot dead her cousin who was around 14. After shooting him down she also committed suicide in panic. The case is already registered by St. Louis Police. And the investigation is in progress. Keep reading to learn more about the incident.

The 12 years old girl Paris Harvey and her cousin Kuaron Harvey was playing with the gun when the incident occurred. They are on the Livestream when the accident happened.

In the video both relax while playing with the gun. And then all of a sudden the girl shot her brother in the head. Few seconds after the same she committed suicide by shooting herself too.


The investigation is still in the nascent stages. There is not much revealed from the sources related to the incident. There is some crucial question in the context like who gave them an actual gun to play with. And what the family members do when they are busy with the lethal weapon. 

who is bankrollgeo38 on twitter?

The family members confirmed that both are playing with the gun and it accidentally fired. And later when she found her cousin unconscious in the pool of blood she suicides in a panic. Paris and Kuaron were making videos in the washroom away from the eyes of the family.

The shocking video of the two was creating huge buzz on the internet. Twitter account bankrollgeo38 with the name Geodayoungan has posted the video.

The handle has around 455 followers at the time of writing this post. The video got more than 4k likes and hundreds of comments so far. People are sharing sympathies with the family who lost their loved ones. One commented “How can y’all look at this video comfortably and try to set they knew better they were 12. When I was 12 I would’ve probably been just as stupid obviously not stupid enough to point it at someone or myself. But y’all need to understand the parents failed these babies”


Another said “This is Why KIDS should be Taught gun SAFETY to avoid this kind of Stuff! May they RIP! Parents should be looked at, How was this Child able to get a Glock with a Drum Mag and no one KNOW”

No doubt this accident can be prevented if there had been more precautions. But sadly all we can do now is to share our condolence with the family members for the great loss. We hope they stand strong in this difficult time. 

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