BTS New Single ‘Butter’, Ron Perry And Alex Bilowitz Confirmed As Co-writers

After the recent launch of the new Single of BTS named ‘Butter’, every BTS fan is wondering who is Ron Perry and Alex Bilowitz. South Korea popular band released a video of a new single which is co-written by Ron Perry and Alex that make people search about them on the internet. The support and likes it is getting on the internet is really unprecedented.  People are admiring the work of new co-writers on the internet.  In this article, you will get to know about them in detail like their wiki, career, awards, family, and more.

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BTS Single ‘Butter’

BTS fans are eagerly waiting for the music video of Butter, Which finally releases on the 21st of May. This ends the long waited desire of BTS fans. Only after a few hours of launch on YouTube ‘butter’ music video get an overwhelming response from the public. Millions of views and thousands of likes are the firm proof of this fact.  You can easily get the popularity level of a song by looking at the views on social media regarding the same.  For your kind information, BTS is a group of seven South Korean who established it in 2010. You can follow BTS official Twitter account on which they have around 28 million followers. If you are old follower of this group, then might be you are aware that since 2018, Ron Perry has worked with the K-pop group. Here is the YouTube link of New track.

Who is Ron Perry?

Ron Perry is an American who is CEO and music executive of Columbia records. He catches the limelight and comes in front of so many BTS fans’ eyes after the launch of a new track. According to sources he is co-writer and co-producer of this song. not only this he got so much recognition from prestigious organizations. He is also named on Billboard’s Power 100 list in 2019. He was also a former president of very popular SONGS Music Publishing. Due to lack of information regarding their personal life so we can’t provide you the information like a girlfriend, family, net worth, etc.  Ron Perry has an official Twitter account on which he is followed by 10.6 K people at press time.

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Alex Bilowitz is also confirmed as co-writer of ‘Butter’. He is famous for his work in ‘Gravity’. He has a Linkedin account, on which he told about his graduation from Skidmore College. He has worked in EUSONIA Studios for almost 5 years.   Working as Co-writer in ‘Butter’ makes him more popular in public. New single Butter is making new records because of the love and support of people. BTS fans are super excited about the launch of this new single, but due to pandemics and restrictions,  they are not able to produce the same.  Speaking to Apple Music BTS’RM  told that they have not at all expected to launch another single track. Because the virus is not naming to stop.

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