Casino Secrets That No One Will Tell You

There is no magic pill and there are no secret tricks to winning in a casino or gambling. Because they are purely games of chance, your luck decides most of the outcome. However, some games can be more of a skill than just luck, and the gambling companies, game developers, and the iGaming community is built around this conjecture. From the ancient days of rolling a dice, bets on races, and the outcome of events to present-day digital gambling, the fundamentals remain the same. The dark secrets that no one will ever tell make this a blooming business.

Today’s games are made more attractive and addictive than ever before. In addition, player retention is a big business with clever marketing, rules, terms, and conditions. Today, games, casinos, and developers target human psychology to bring and keep players betting money constantly. Some even play and deposit money daily. Surely, there are secrets to this trade that helps casinos make profits and always keep winning. Even though we know this fact, we still expect to win and give away our hard-earned money. Let us see how they do this. How can they convince us?


C-Major, The Pleasant Musical Key for Humans

Suppose you are not a musician or enthusiast, you should know that music still plays a key role in enhancing our mood. This is a major player in today’s modern video slots, online casinos, and other tunes and background effects. Whenever a player starts a game, all the noise of casinos, the jingles, bells, sound effects, and even background tracks, don’t sound awful. Because of this, we find it soothing and stay longer than usual. We retain longer, and the casinos retain their players longer. And, that translates to more profits for online casinos.

The single reason is that they are all written in C Major. In addition, the notes don’t clash with each other, it keeps players in a good mood, a soothing atmosphere allows for focusing on the graphics playing on the screen, the interest to keep listening to the music, and hitting a few buttons on the screen, just a secret that sneaks behind in the background.

Gross but True: Seats Are Not Sanitary

If you play online casinos only, then you are in good hands. A range of options from New Aspire Global Casinos offer thousands of games, a great variety of offers, bonuses, and schemes. There are hundreds of new online casinos coming up every day. The UK has become a hub for the latest innovations in modern online gambling, sports betting, and more. But, this playing at land-based casinos does not know a secret.

Many are so engrossed in gambling and waiting to hit that lucky win that they don’t even take bathroom breaks. Mostly women, who simply take a squat at the nearest trash can and take a piss. Many times, casinos don’t even clean the seats, and it is a highly unsanitary place. Sometimes, they are escorted out but many times, nobody knows.

The House Almost Always Wins

Often players do not realize that it’s not just the big casinos in Las Vegas that are making huge cash. They may be on the fancy list of Hollywood but many thousands of casinos are secretly making huge money from millions of active monthly users. For example, a survey shows that a riverboat casino in London can easily make profits upwards of 1 million GBP per week. And, that is after calculating the operating expenses in a small casino. So, never underestimate the secret tricks they employ so that the house almost always wins. Because it is a game of chance, there are no guarantees.

They win at a pretty ridiculous scale, and these secrets are revealed not by the casino owners, but by the armored cash van drivers.

Pre-Shuffled Cards for More Profits

It may even sound like a scam to you, but it is completely legal as per their terms and conditions. In online as well as land-based casinos, the cards are pre-shuffled to fasten the play and make you lose your money faster. Because of this, other players get a chance to play. These are not new card packs, but decks of cards cycled into the machines a couple of times a shift. So, players should never think of any lucky deck of cards. Don’t get attached because there is no such thing. And, this is a secret.

You can notice that dealers never open new cards because all casinos get special boxes with pre-shuffled cards. They have 6 decks in that manner, and they are changed every 4 to 6 hours. So, your next blackjack game is not entirely new, and the house will always win, mostly.

The casino is Watching All the Tiny Details About You

These days, online security essentials from cameras, sound recorders, and high-precision instruments to record your movement are a part of online and land-based casinos. Because of this, they keep track of people who keep winning. Many casinos have this secret monitoring once you cross a limit, such as 15,000 GBP. The casinos are always watching you, and specifically watching you when you begin to win. They will find an excuse to not let you take your money away.

Blackjack Dealers Never Know Their Hand

A player’s guess is good as a dealer’s because they never know their hand. If it is not a game of blackjack, all they see is white, so they do not know its value. It could be an Ace or 20. Whenever they check for cards, they are jutting and putting them into a peeker. This rotates differently and gives away for an Ace or 10-value card, such as in blackjack. Thus, card counting works in such games.

Final Thoughts

One must know that there are several secrets to casinos. These things are often in the dark because they can negatively affect a company’s reputation. It also makes people aware which can put them on alert, and reduce the money they deposit, and the time of gameplay. So, casinos keep their wraps. But, now you know a few of them, while hundreds might be still unrevealed.

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