Recently a 10-year-old daughter’s mother took the social media to get the justice for her daughter who get raped. The little daughter studies at Chrisland School. The incident happened on the school arranged trip to Dubai. The mother has made several allegations against the schools’ authority following the incident. We will share everything we have collected in this regard further in this blog. 

chrisland school vgc video

The video of a Nigerian mother demanding justice for her little girl is circulated all over social media platforms. Her daughter who is 10 years old at the time went on a trip to Dubai by the Chrisland School. Her mother claims that she got raped on the same by a boy name Kachi.

In this revelation, she made some serious allegations against Chrisland. She alleged the school administration of hiding the matter for the sake of their reputation. 

The girl child is a prey. I made this clear in my first book published last year. Now, this video is heartbreaking and Chrisland school VGC should not be allowed to have custody of children. This innocent child is traumatized for life and it will take careful psychotherapy” said Dr Simi. 

what is 10 Years old chrisland school video?

In the video, she requested the entire Nigerian community to help in the matter. She further reveals that Chrisland school has suspended her daughter following the allegations. But the limit crosses when she alleged that the family got a threatening message to bury the case. 

Although the matter is still under investigation so we can’t confirm much from the official source. 

There are a series of supporting messages from all over the world for the brave lady. People are demanding justice for the little girl and holding the school responsible for the entire matter.

We will keep you updated with further news and events on the same. So make sure you follow our to not miss a single update. Kemi Yesufu said reacting to the video “I had to watch the video of the mother of the 10-year-old pupil of Chrisland School VGC, who was raped during a school-organized trip to Dubai to fully understand what happened. Not only was she raped, but the wicked act was also recorded and shared online. Very typical of a Nigerian organization, the school resorted to threatening the girl, they took measures to cover up the heinous act with a teacher insulting the survivor and calling her names. “


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