Cindy Dooley Hughes, wife of Howard Hughes was recently making the news headlines. The reason behind her name getting so much attention lately can be linked to the racially motivated attack on the black guy’s car. The incident was recorded through a mobile phone in which two-man can be seen.

They were identified as Donald Corsi and Cindy’s husband Howard Hughes. At present both of them are arrested. Following their arrest, people are demanding action against Cindy Dooley too for her racist activity. that’s why she is trending on the internet. We will share more about her in this blog. 

Who is Cindy Dooley Hughes? from Sanford Fl

Cindy Dooley Hughes is a housewife and mother as confirmed from her Facebook page. She was recently trending after her husband Howard Hughes got arrested with one more. Both were arrested after attacking the car of a black young guy. You can see the broken glasses and badly damaged car in the video which is circulating on the internet like a wildfire. She is around 52 years old at the time of writing this post.

Not much about Cindy Dooley is known in the public domain as of now. We will continue to update you further about her further. There were some rumors on the internet that came out recently that Cindy want to take divorce her husband. But as said these are just rumors we can’t confirm much in this regard. 

Cindy Dooley Hughes Video

A video is getting viral on the social networking sites shooted by a man name CJ Jones present at the moment. He is the father of the child who went through the incident. People are sharing sympathy with him. One wrote “The teen’s father, CJ Jones, uploaded videos and pictures of the aftermath of the incident on his Facebook. My best wishes and sympathies to all of them, and may the racists be held accountable for their actions.”

In the video, two-man can be clearly seen around the damaged car of a 16-year-old black guy. Reportedly Cindy Dooley and her husband attacks the car and boy. These actions are called as racially motivated all over the social media platforms. Christian Nahjiia Davis commented on Facebook “Cindy Dooley-Hughes @howard Hughes racially profiled a 16-year-old in the neighborhood where he was visiting his friend and told him he doesn’t belong there while throwing rocks and cones at his car. The SAME City TRAYVON MARTIN was killed! HATE RUNS THROUGH their veins!”

Another said “In SANFORD, FLORIDA! This angered me so much This ish will NEVER stop! Racism and hate are here to stay, FOREVER! There is no stopping it! These demons’ names are Cindy Dooley Hughes, Howard Hughes, and Donald Corsi of Sanford FL. Y’all wanna go have a block party in this neighborhood?! I’ll bring the DJ!”


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