WATCH Daddyaioligato Video of Animal Abuse Video Viral On Twitter- Is Daddy Aioli Gato Arrested?

The person uploaded a video while in the gym where he beats his pet cat without any mercy. Internet netizens and thousands of his fan following are angry with his insensitive behavior towards the pat.

You can find multiple messages on the social media platforms like Twitter where people are criticizing the bodybuilder for his act. We will reveal more details in the blog so keep reading. 

Who is Daddyaioligato?

Daddyaioligato is a popular fitness freak, bodybuilder, and fitness-related content creator on Tiktok. He has a massive fan following on social media. Around 1.7 million people follow him on the Tiktok. He has been uploading fitness and bodybuilding-related content for a long time now. And acquired a huge fan following during the period. His fan following is not limited to any specific country. All over the world people take inspiration from this workout and hard work in the gym. ‘



Daddy Aioli Gato Twitter Cat Video 

Recently a video surfaced online which has created a kind of storm on the Internet. The viral video of the Daddyaioligato has reached thousands of people and got lots of comments from the viewer. The viral clip was uploaded on the Twitter handle of the person @Daddyaioligato. “I am ashamed to know that Aioli is a human knowing that he hits a cat, saying “Nothing is wrong with him” when cats do not show weakness, how sad that someone like that, who was an idol of many people, including me, has this type of behavior” someone tweeted in the response. Following the same hundred people follow the Twitter account. You can see the spike in the follower by visiting the profile on the platform. The account was created a few days ago and gained unprecedented response on the clip. 

If you have seen the video then you must be aware of why there is not much noise on networking sites in relation to it. The video of daddy aioli gato has gained immense criticism from people around the globe. As in it, you can clearly see how he is beating and behaving brutally with the pat. The cat was punched and kicked by the man. He also recorded the same and make it public.

“Nalarcho reacted to the daddy aioli gato twitter video “Disgusting person, I was really a big fan of yours, your videos and phrases inspired me. But the truth is, you’re disgusting, very disgusting… You’ll get what you really deserve. Hopefully, all your fans realize the stupid things you’ve done. “Those who are fans of his content are really disappointed with the recent one. They have never imagined that he will do something like this with an innocent animal who had done nothing wrong. Beating an animal for the sake of content and popularity is a matter of shame. No one has the right to do anything like this for entertainment. “

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