Recently the Uganda-based popular Tiktoker Dr. Cephco arrest news was making the round on the internet. The rumors of his arrest were confirmed by a number of sources. There are some sources that claim that Cephco got arrested under the allegation of abusing another Tiktoker name Jennifer. Although these are still just rumored the correct information behind his sudden arrest was yet to be made public by the authorities in Uganda. We will explore more about him further in this blog. So keep reading till the end to not miss a single update. 

Cephco Arrested

Who is Dr Cephco?

Dr Cephco is a popular content creator on Tiktok. He originally belongs from Uganda. Cephco has a massive fan following on the internet. He has currently thousands of followers on his handle. People love watching his comedy videos and enjoy a lot. We searched about his personal details like age, net worth, Wikipedia, girlfriend, etc but found nothing useful in return. He has maintained his personal life away from the public. 

Those who belong to Uganda and use the short video sharing platform Tiktok then you must be aware of Cehco. With his comedy random content, he is gaining mass popularity. 


Cephco Arrested 

The Shocking news for the entire fan following of Tiktoker Dr. Cephco was made public recently. The news of his arrest from the house has created a kind of panic among the people who know him. There are so many videos circulating around on the internet in which you can see him following local police. This is from where the rumors of his arrest spread quickly around. We are trying our best to gain further knowledge about the matter. But as of now, there is nothing we can reveal. All the information available on social media is either rumors or taken from non trusted sources. 

As mentioned above we cannot confirm the actual charges under which police detained Dr. Cephco. As of now, there is no official detail revealed in the context which confirms the cause of his arrest. We will keep you updated with further information in the future. You can follow our website to not miss a single update. 

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