Who is Drake’s Stylist Luisa? Drake With a Female In A Photo, Age, Wikipedia, Biography, Net Worth

The picture of Drake with a girl shared by Shaderoom drawn entire the social media limelight. Drake has a huge fan following, so it is obvious that this news gets spread like fire in his fans and admirers. Billboard Music Awards named Drake as Artist of the Decade. The rumors on social media burst heavily after a small boy is spotted out with him on Billboard Music Awards 2021. Peoples on social media platforms speculating their different theories. Some believe that DRAKE’S STYLIST is her new girlfriend. But officially there is no confirmation about the same.

The complete expression of confusion can be seen on the faces of viewers when Drake takes the stage with his son. No one has expected something like this at the moment. In his speech, he did not talk about his son. Mainly he talked about the struggle in his life and his battle with imposter syndrome. Lack of information about his relation has forced the fans on social media to speculate the different theories about his stylist. In this article, we will let you know actually who is Drake’s stylist? Wikipedia, Age, and more.

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Who is Drake’s Stylist?

According to the sources Drake stylist’s name is Luisa. It is since 10 years when they met first each other. Sources confirm that with her occupation as Stylist, she is also the owner of a coffee shop name Mercury Espresso. There is no sufficient information is available about her personal life. like her age, her past relation, etc. The speculation about Luisa as drake’s girlfriend is first made after a picture on Instagram of two together in a room by Shaderoom. In the picture, one can easily figure out how they romantically standing and posing for the selfie.

After the post, people start reacting and sharing their views on it. There is no confirmed information regarding the same yet. Drake has not commented on any of the different speculations made by his fans. Till now Drake has not made it public. The speculation is still going on. We will confirm it further as soon as we get the lead.

Is Luisa ( Drake Stylist) his girlfriend?

After the Instagram post of Shaderoom in which Drake is standing very close to his stylist and posing for the selfie, People on social media like Instagram and Twitter begin their prediction about the secret relationship between the two. Drake’s fans are still wondering and excitedly waiting for his response. So far there is no response clearing all the predictions. Luisa often shared Drake’s pictures on his social media handles. The pictures show the time they spend together with each other. There is no sign of the presence of any other female in his life except her stylist. All these things made the different predictions more robust and plausible.

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