Editorial Policy

Our Deathmilitia.com teams come with the aims of providing accurate, and business, technology, science, politics, entertainment, social-related news. Here on this page of our editorial policy, you get a full explanation about how we select and review the content and tools you see on our website, how we distinguish advertising and sponsored content from news content, how financial or other influences from outside our company affect our website and much more about our content. 

About our Editorial Policy

Our website is a worldwide providing news website, Here we provide news and updates about all the events happening around us in the world which you need to know. If we do changes in our policy or editing style, we will let our readers know in advance. 

Editorial Policy

Deathmilitia.com team always tries to provide the accurate and best information to our readers. We recognize the importance of maintaining a clear separation between our independent editorial content and any materials that are advertising or any content that may be influenced by our sponsors. We also have organized the operations of our website to provide for appropriate separation of our education and promotion programs from an editorial perspective.

Sources of our Information

All material on our website that we present as our own is either created by us or is obtained from content providers whose editorial processes we have evaluated and found to be acceptable. We also hire freelancers who write content for our website.  Our content has been evaluated by in-house editors and all submitted content is reviewed for fair balance and whether learning objectives are met by the content. Sources for third-party editorial content include government agencies, not-for-profit organizations, universities, and key stakeholders that provide news and information about all the verticals we cover. Our editorial staff reviews most content from outside sources for accuracy, balance, completeness and timeliness before we make it available on our sites.

Linking to other sites

We provide company logos or links to other websites throughout our website. These logos and links are not intended to imply that we approve of or recommend these entities to users. Where we are making a recommendation, we clearly state that fact in connection with the logo or link. We design our website with the goal of making it clear to you when you are leaving our websites for another website so that you will know that another site’s advertising, editorial policy, privacy policy, and terms of use are in effect.


We welcome any comments, questions, or complaints you have about this editorial policy or our Web sites. Please feel free to contact us by sending an email to [email protected]