Recently the news of Eric Glisson being innocent was sentenced to lifetime prison in the year 1995 under the allegation of murdering a cab driver. The more shocking thing here is that he got free from the allegation after 17 years of life in prison. He spent around 17 continuous years in jail in the Bronx.

But now he was free from all the allegations and the charges under which he was sentenced proved to be a misunderstanding. From the moment he got released from jail and all the bounding charges, he has become a center of attraction. Everywhere on the internet people are talking about him and showing their pity. Keep reading to explore more about him by following the article. 

Who is Eric Glisson?

In the year 1995, Eric Glisson with six others was charged with the murder of a cab driver in Bronx. Eric was arrested as per the identification of the eyewitness in the case. Immediate after the identification was done, he got arrested and the court started the procedure for his trial.

Apart from him Carlos Perez, Isreal Vasquez, Cathy Watkins, Devon Ayers, and Michael Cosme were also the name who were linked with the case at that time. Eric had just passed his sixth grade when he got arrested and spent almost 17 years of his prime time in prison. 

Talking about his personal life, Eric was born on December 2, 1973. At present, he is 49 years old. 

Eric Glisson Now in 2022

Eric Glisson was a married man with a beautiful family. No doubt, a prime time of his life was wasted in the cell of the prison for no fault. He did nothing wrong but got somehow linked in the cab driver murder case by mistake. The mistake cost 17 years of his life. Charla Johnson wrote “Thank you all for bringing these stories to light! My heart breaks for those who have spent time in prison and were innocent and wrongly convicted!!! ” At the moment family is on the seventh heaven that they got Eric. You can find many messages on the social media platform congratulating him. 

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