A Twitter account with the name @eu_izzagatinha has come into the searches following the upload of the leaked content of a minor girl. The original source of the same remains unidentified. You can find the multiple accounts that have uploaded the minor girl’s private pictures and videos. One of these which is getting so much attention nowadays is @eu_izzagatinha. We will share more details about the Twitter handle in this blog. To keep learning about the same make sure you follow our blog till the end. 


Who is @eu_izzagatinha?

@eu_izzagatinha is a Twitter handle who is making news headlines following uploading private clips of a young girl. Whether this was done with the consent of the girl remains a big doubt here. If the same happens without permission then strict action should be taken against the same. At present around a hundred people follow the Twitter handle of this person. We cant confirm the personal details of the person behind the Twitter handle. Due to a lack of trusted leads, it would be impossible for us to reveal anything in this context.


tudofavelarj Twitter

@eu_izzagatinha Twitter account was created recently a few days before this month. The account is full of images of the young girl showing herself. The source of the clip remains undisclosed at the moment. Also, we cant share the footage of the same as it may be inappropriate for some. if you are too much curious about the same then you can find it on Twitter by a simple search. The girl whose pictures are uploaded on the handle seemed to be around 18 years. Just like any other fake handles, the reason behind this @eu_izzagatinha Twitter handle is just popularity nothing more. 

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