The mass shooting incident that happened on 14 May 2022 where 10 people lost their lives, is horrific as well as traumatized. The live video of the same was uploaded by multiple social media handles on the internet. And one of them is F22lover Twitter.

The Twitter account posted the clip of the same where we can see how a teenager is opening bullet shots on innocent people. The person behind the whole tragedy is now under the arrest of the police.

We will share more about the viral clip shared by the f22lover handle further in this blog. This article will provide you with some background on this user and why he is making waves on social media.

Who is f22lover twitter?

A user on the internet known as f22loverr recently uploaded a video showing a mass shooting in Buffalo, New York. The shooter was a young man with a gun who opened fire and killed 11 people. He left no sign of remorse and took off after shooting the people.

While it’s unclear if the shooter is still alive, his video has gotten a lot of attention, resulting in the user becoming a popular figure. Because of the buffalo shooting video, f22lover got a good spike in the followers on his Twitter handle. The video was seen thousands of times and got hundreds of reactions and messages. 

There is no detail available about the person behind the Twitter account f22lover. Recently due to the violation of the rules and regulations, Twitter has suspended his account. So from now on, you cannot find his content. 

The action was taken as the short clip contains inappropriate material for a large section of people. And sharing these kinds of videos is a violation of their policies. We will keep you updated with further facts and information. 

f22lover twitter mass shooting viral video

The website received a ton of traffic, mainly from people who are searching for “f22loverr.” This is due in part to the fact that the term is a trending key phrase on the search engines. It also generates a lot of impressions for the site.  

In addition to his video, f22lover has been posting a lot of disturbing content on social media platforms. He has been sharing harrowing videos of the shooting, which have been viewed more than thousands of times. Some of his posts have even triggered a debate on whether or not he is a racist, based on his reputation and fame. 

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