Recently Fatuma Gedi, a Kenyan politician and member of the National Assembly was again making news headlines after her recent speech on the 2019 leaked video. The leaked video was claimed to be her private bedroom video which leaked from an unknown source at that time.

In the past whenever she talked about her video she got emotional. This time too she make some revelations in the parliament speech due to which she got emotional in between. We will share more about the FATUMA GEDI Video further in this blog. 

who is fatuma gedi?

Fatuma Gedi is a Kenyan politician and is well known for being a current member of the National Assembly From Wajir.

She represents Wajir Woman Representative. She got into the media limelight following the release of some private moments on social media in 2019.  The leaked clip contains inappropriate content about the lady which shocked everyone. Following the clip, her statement goes viral

“There is a God above and he refused to bring me down. Instead, after that video my star started going up.” – Fatuma Gedi.

From time to time she speak about the same and cleared that the clip was nothing more than a fallacy. 

Information related to her personal life is not revealed in the public domain yet. 

Fatuma Gedi Video 

The FATUMA GEDI leaked video came out on social media platforms in 2019. and within a short span circulated all over the social networking sites. The same created buzz all over the internet in regard to the Kenyan politician. As the clip contains inappropriate material it got deleted from the major platforms adhering to the guidelines.

Due to the same video, she still can’t live a normal life in public. There are so many people who criticize her for the same.

At the same time, some support and motivation for remaining courageous in the difficult time. 


Leaked Reddit and Twitter Clip

The leaked video of FATUMA GEDI was claimed to be posted on the popular social media space Reddit from where it circulated to other platforms like a wildfire. The origin of the clip remain remains unidentified at the moment.

The viral material was viewed by thousands of people and got hundred of reaction messages from the Kenyan population. 

Fatuma was recently giving her speech in relation to Ruto’s land-grabbing following the same her leaked video started trending on the internet. “Fatuma Gedi arrives at Parliament with evidence of Ruto’s land-grabbing activities after being told to table and substantiate her claims! Now some MPs linked to the Chief Looter are fighting hard to stop Gedi‘s evidence from being tabled and debated in Parliament,” said TeamAzimio

Another wrote “Fatuma Gedi should deal with drought, hardship, insecurities and water shortages facing women in Wajir rather than displaying bitterness, foolishness, and despair on the floor of the house. Now we know more about last year’s trending video.”

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