Unfortunately, Gazprom is no more among us, through the source we have come to know that one of the financial directors, whose name was Gazprom. He has passed away, there are tons of people who are searching for him on the internet, they want to know every single thing related to him. Including who was Gazprom? and what was Gazprom’s death cause? so let’s move forward t find out more details via this post. Before reaching any result we want to tell you that he is not dead now, it is just a hoax that is spreading on the internet. The financial director is alive and the person who was found that his name was Alexander Tyuliakov. There was a misunderstanding with the people, that needs to be cleared.

Gazprom Financial Director

Gazprom Financial Director Dead or Alive

As per the report, we came to know that he is the owner of the company and it is one of the largest publicly listed natural gas companies in the world.  And it was also the largest company in Russia by revenue, he was found dead by the suicide in Russia in St. Petersburg is wrong. Now you must have come to know that who had died? Gazprom is alive and living his life, dead person is Alexander Tyulakov who was professionally a Deputy General Director of the Unified Settlement Centre (UCC).


As we know on the internet, there are lots of rumours and death hoaxes so before we get any news we should analyse it and search properly so that we can find out some official reports then we should share and spread. So always read the official news and do not support fake websites which spread rumours.

Gazprom Financial Director

Who Is Gazprom Financial Director?

AS soon as people come to know that Gazprom died they began to search for him on the internet.  They are paying him tribute on social media sites and showing condolence. We can see lots of tweets made by the people who think he is no more. Do you know who is Gazprom? He is one of the Russian majority state-owned, and he is the owner of a multinational energy corporation. On the other side if we talk about Alexander the real victim then he was a good person, who was born on May 15, 1983. He was a Belarusian professional ice hockey forward, he used to play for the Yunost Minsk of the Belarusian Extraleague.

Gazprom Financial Director

Gazprom Financial Director Wikipedia

Gazprom has joined Torpedo Nizhny Novgorod after their first tenure with HC Dinamo Minsk. He has competed in the Eastern European Hockey League and the Belarusian Extraliga. He was also selected for the Belarus national team in the year 2010 Winter Olympics. Talking about his personal life, then we want to tell you whether he was married or not. He has not shared his detail with the media, we will update the post very soon, as soon as we find it. For more latest news keep visiting this site we will be right back with the new post on the same page till then keep visiting this site to explore more details.

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