We are saddened to inform you that the legendary RA MA Institute founder Guru Jagat passed away recently. The person who was an inspiration to millions of people worldwide is no more between us. It is really heartbreaking news for all the fan following for whom Guru Jagat was an inspiration. We paid our deepest tributes and pray that her soul rests in peace. We thanked her for all those beautiful yoga and life lessons, which she had provided to this world. The cause of her death is not corroborated by any source.

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Guru Jagat Death

Last night world lost an amazing soul who is much more than a mentor for her followers. Guru Jagat’s death stunned millions of her fan following worldwide. Wherever she went, positivity always follows her like a shadow.  her yoga lessons have impacted so many people’s life miraculously. “Heavy heart today. Thank you for your beautiful life Guru Jagat. Thank you for your kindness towards my family. Thank you for your beautiful creations during your time on Earth. Your presence echoes into eternity inspiring others to create beautiful things for humanity.”

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“Guru Jagat’s sudden passing has me all kinds of fucked up tbh. I just stepped back into kundalini, finding my way back to where I can teach again after everything, and I admire her so much as a larger than life presence in the community. An inconceivable loss.”

Death Cause

At the press time, we did not have any knowledge about the situation around the death of Guru Jagat. We are consistently checking our sources to gain more information about the death cause.


Guru Jagat Wikipedia

Katie Griggs, well known by the name Guru Jagat was an entrepreneur, RA MA founder, Yoga Mentor, and an inspiring soul. She was a Kundalini teacher and have immense knowledge in her field. She arranged so many workshops to share her spiritual knowledge with others. She started thinking to put the bast of RA MA institute from the 21st of December, 2012 in Venice Beach. When Guru Jagat died, she was in her 40s.

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Guru Jagat Obituary

No doubt Guru Jagat’s sudden passing has left so many heartbroken down into thousands of pieces. So many people mourn the death of an incredible soul. One wrote: “Some friends are so dear ~ yet you walk with them only a short time on the earthly plane 🕊 Guru Jagat was such a friend to me 🕊 And I am very grateful for the celestial and precious time we spent together during the last 19 months of her life 🕊 I will never forget you beloved soul 🕊 And I wish you from the bottom of my soul that you fly high with the Angels now 🕊 Akal Akal Akal sweet sister 🕊 With all my love and deepest gratitude 🤍”

Tricia Mckenna  wrote:  “The world lost an incredible human last night at 9:07pm. These sudden deaths are some of the hardest to process for me personally. Our dear Guru Jagat, has had a world wide positive impact on so many lives, mine included. She was a mentor/ teacher for me and hundreds of thousands others, possibly millions of people all around the world, and I know the ripple effect will be felt world wide. I am will be holding everyone up in prayer through this. 🙏🏼 I had the privilege of speaking with her in zoom on a commune call and have been engaging in her classes for several years now, but most recently for the past 8 months on a daily basis at 7:30am. She huge part and supporter of my morning routine. I am forever grateful for those precious moments, those classes and my time spent with her. In honor of her, all those she positively impacted and her final wishes which she shared toward the end of her time here is the advise she gave that I will treasure. 🤎 -“ hold each other tight, be massively kind, practice presence, and humor as this life is so precious and delicate” My god how this rings true now more than ever, for all of you who are experiencing this loss to, I see you, I am with you and will be “holding you tight” Akal Akal Akal 🙌🏻 #aheartgrounded #aheartgrounded”

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