One more piece of news is getting viral in the course of time, which is related to Hamdi Bouta leaked video. Where it has been a mystery we want to tell you in the month of May 2018 after the years when Hamdi Bouta’s family conducted a secret funeral for him in the summer of 2017. The family reported receiving a copy of the video which it was showing Russian speaking man using a hit sledgehammer on the Hamdi Bouta WhatsApp.

There are a lot of people who are searching for more details related to this case. They want to know everything about this matter so far of them we have brought. This post will let you know everything.

Hamdi Bouta video

In the year 2018 when the first video was getting viral and circulating on the internet for the last year. It was a link between al-shaer and Wagnor groups that persuaded right activists in Syria and France. It was being tried to raise awareness about the incident in Moscow 96. Netizens want to know many details about this.

Unfortunately, we are in the dark about where took place and their WhatsApp in the video. when Kremlin was continuously denying that there was no link between the Russian Government and the operators of Russian private military and security companies that were deployed in Syria. As per the report, we came to know that more than 97 dozens of men were identified in the connection with the U.S attack on Wagner in the spring of 2018 during the fighting.

Hamdi Bouta Reddit Video

It all was happening near the town of Khasham in Deir Ez-Zor on Feb 7, 2018. As per the significant evidence that at least two of the Rissian men described in the video. They are torturing Hamdi Bouta at the al-shaer facility was killed in the month of April in the US airstrike on the Wagner Group column. As per the exclusive details on the evening of June 30, 2017, the media has reported a clip that went viral within a short span.

In the clip, we could see in the first two minutes that video A is showing that many of the Russian men speaking and are torturing a man by beating him on the limbs with sledgehammers. More than 100 attackers’ faces were covered and only part of the footage was available. On the internet you may find out more details related to this, we will be right back with the new post on the same site.

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