How Can You Select the Best E-Liquid for Yourself?

Many people smoke. Some are trying to quit, and many of these people opt for e-cigarettes to quit their addiction. E-cigarettes use nicotine against the tobacco used by traditional cigarettes. Nicotine helps with tobacco addiction. There are many varieties in which e-cigarettes are available, and people can choose from a wide range. However, those new to e-cigarettes are not aware of how to choose the right e-liquid. This article studies e-cigarettes and throws light on how one can make the best e liquid selection for their e-cigarette.

How To Choose The Best E-Liquids

There are many ways by which one can choose an e-liquid that fits one’s needs. Following are some of how one can choose an e-liquid that best suits their needs and requirements:


  1. Concerning the device, each device has a replaceable coil which will mention the ohm rating of the liquid you should purchase. So as far as selecting a liquid is concerned, one that fits into your vape, you should check the coil of your device.


  1. Another way of deciding the best e-liquid is to choose it according to nicotine concentrations. You can rely on the number of cigarettes you usually smoke for this. So if you smoke about one or two cigarettes a day, a liquid containing 3mg of nicotine is sufficient for you. But if you smoke more than 2, but less than 10 cigarettes a day, then you should go for 12mg nicotine liquid. However, if you smoke more than 15-20 cigarettes a day, then you are a heavy smoker and should opt for 18mg nicotine liquid. 


  1. E-Liquids also come in non-nicotine flavors. These are preferred by those who are looking to quit cigarettes. Another form of liquids is the 50-50 liquids, which have about equal concentrations of both VG and PG. This blend is increasingly popular because it is very versatile. It provides a good combination of flavor and vapor production.


  1. Another way of choosing an e-liquid is to look for the flavor that suits you. If you like a particular fruit or a flavor, you should go for it. However, if you want to quit smoking, you should go for a flavor that you do not like since it will help you lose the craving for smoking and vaping.

Use of E-Liquids In E-Cigarettes 

An E-cigarette is simply an electronic cigarette that one can operate by a battery device. It emits a vaporized solution; a person then inhales the vapors. This solution usually contains nicotine. The nicotine in the e-cigarettes helps bring the sensation of inhaling tobacco and helps with the tobacco addiction. It is considered helpful for people who are looking to quit smoking tobacco. 


They are also called vapes and come in various shapes and sizes. The sale of tobacco to people under a certain age is prohibited. Hence these people shift to the use of e-cigarettes. E-cigarettes help children addicted to tobacco get over the addiction. They provide varied flavors of smoking that do not contain tobacco, and slowly people give up the habit of smoking tobacco and of consuming nicotine. 

A Brief On E-Liquids

E-cigarettes use a device powered by a battery. The device, upon heating, heats a liquid that turns into aerosol and exhumes smoke. The liquid used inside the e-cigarette is called an e-liquid. Although one smokes it up after its conversion into smoke, it is dangerous if swallowed directly. 


Its labels may also not mention the contents of the liquid, which could be harmful since a liquid claiming to be nicotine-free may contain nicotine. 

This liquid comes in varied flavors. But the point of concern is its ingredients that sometimes may remain unknown despite a clear label. They also come in two broad varieties based on ingredients: vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG). VG is different from PG in that it is thicker than PG. In different concentrations, their viscosity is different. 


How they affect your throat is also dependent on the concentration of these two ingredients. E-liquids that are VG-based have minor throat hits and produce large vapor clouds. On the other hand, liquids based on PG provide excess effect to the throat, and the amount of vapor produced is much more subtle.


In Short

There are some ways one can decide on the e-liquid that one should choose for their vape. It is essential to know the purpose for which one is vaping before deciding on the liquid. One can choose from various vape juice flavor, different nicotine strengths, the way they want the smoke to hit their throat, the amount of smoke they want it to form, and whether they are a heavy smoker or a light casual smoker. It is thus essential to consider these questions before deciding on the liquid you choose. Also, one should be careful of the liquid’s quality that one opts to ensure that you do not intake any contaminants.

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