How To Choose The Right CBD Vape Liquid For You?

A consumer survey conducted last year found that the sale of cannabis products has grown exponentially since its launch, especially during the pandemic. Experts associate this remarkable increase in demand for cannabis products with its recreational and therapeutic properties that have helped people cope with life amidst quarantine. 


CBD vape liquid is one CBD product that has sold like hot cakes in the last few years. Why? Because besides helping people to relax and get rid of stress, CBD vape liquids also provide numerous health benefits. Moreover, CBD users who are not a fan of the weird taste of CBD edible oils usually love the different vape juice flavors. If you want to try CBD vape liquids but are confused about where to start, we are here to guide you choose a suitable CBD vape liquid for yourself.


A Brief Introduction to CBD Vape Liquids:

CBD vape liquids are made by blending CBD, an active cannabinoid obtained from the cannabis plant, and other chemicals like propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine, and, most importantly, flavoring ingredients. CBD used in making vape liquids has three types: Broad-spectrum CBD, Full-spectrum CBD, and CBD Isolates. 


The Broad-spectrum liquids contain traces of other cannabinoids and terpenes found in the Cannabis plant except for THC. On the other hand, Full-spectrum CBD vape liquids have a small amount of THC along with the other terpenes and cannabinoids. The vape liquids with CBD isolates contain the purest form of cannabidiol sans the terpenes and cannabinoids.


Different Types of CBD Vape Liquids

Depending on the proportions of the compounds used, CBD vape liquids are of three types:


PG-based CBD vape liquids

PG-based CBD vape liquids have a more incredible propylene glycol (usually 70%) than vegetable glycerin. Though vicious, PG-based vape liquids have a lighter consistency than VG-based liquids. However, these vape liquids can deliver a powerful throat hit. 


VG-based CBD vape liquids

VG-based vape liquids contain about 60% of vegetable glycerin, i.e., relatively higher than the amount of propylene glycol. These vape liquids are denser than PG-based vape liquids. They produce thick clouds, but a softer throat hits. 


50/50 PG/VG CBD vape liquids

50/50 CBD vape liquids contain 50% of propylene glycol and 50% of vegetable glycerin. These vape liquids are of moderate viscosity and produce a decent throat hit. They produce lighter vapors than VG-based vape liquids but heavier smoke than PG-based CBD vape liquids.


The Different Combinations of CBD Vape Liquid


  • CBD-THC Vape liquid: Vape liquids made with Cannabidiol and Tetrahydrocannabinol produce a soothing and euphoric effect and help relieve anxiety and stress. 


  • CBD-CBC Vape liquid: Cannabidiol and Cannabichromene (CBC) make the vape liquid highly effective for relieving pain and inflammation. It also helps relieve nausea and discomfort. 


  • CBD-CBG Vape liquid: The blend of Cannabidiol and Cannabigerol vape liquids is beneficial for treating inflammatory bowel diseases and bladder disease. 


  • CBD-CBM Vape liquid: Vape liquids with Cannabidiol and Cannabimovone can help treat metabolic disorders and Type-2 Diabetes. 


  • CBD-CBN Vape liquid: This vape liquid contains a mix of Cannabidiol and Cannabinol. This combination helps treat inflammation and chronic pain. 


How To Identify a Good CBD Vape Liquid?


What is the Extraction Method Used?

The technique used to derive CBD from the cannabis plant also throws some light on the quality of the vape liquid. The technique used is usually mentioned in the information label of the product. Two extraction processes are generally applied to obtain CBD concentrates, i.e., the Supercritical CO2 extraction technique and the Ethanol extraction technique. 


The Supercritical CO2 extraction technique helps yield purer, terpene-rich CBD extracts. On the other hand, the alcohol used in the Ethanol extraction method removes the residue and toxins and produces a high-concentration CBD extract. 


From Where is the CBD Sourced?

The origin of the natural products used in making the CBD vape liquid is also an essential factor to consider while choosing one. Some reputable companies import raw CBD concentrates from abroad. Mostly, you will find brands making vape liquids with CBD extracts procured from 2018 farm-bill compliant organic hemp farms. You can also buy affordable vape liquids made with locally grown CBD.


Is the Product Lab-tested?

Most authentic CBD vendors get their products tested by third-party laboratories and publish the report on their website. This report is also known as the Certificate of Analysis (COA). It is an essential tool for understanding the quality of the vape liquid. The report also provides detailed information about the different ingredients used in the CBD vape liquid. It will also inform you about any toxins or harmful chemicals that might be present in the product. We recommend not buying vape liquids that do not have a valid COA. 


Check For Brand Transparency

The relationship between customers and companies thrives on transparency and trust. Brands that follow a “Hide Nothing” approach imply their products are usually authentic. This usually means that the products offered by them are of good quality. Also, check whether the company offers adequate customer support if you face any issues with deliveries and the products. You should also ask for details about the vape liquids if you do not find sufficient information on the brand website. 


Look For Product Packaging

The packaging of the vape liquids also tells a lot about the quality of the product. You may find the products in plain packaging if you are looking for inexpensive vape liquids. But, that does not imply that the product is of low quality. Premium vape liquids usually come in minimal yet attractive packaging. But they can be pretty expensive. Also, check whether the vendor provides the vape liquids in air-tight and leak proof packaging. 


How Much Should You Spend on a Good CBD Vape Liquid?

Good quality vape liquids are not always expensive. You can also get suitable CBD vape liquids at affordable prices. You can expect CBD vape liquids to cost anything between 2 to 10 cents per mg of CBD vape liquids. However, premium CBD vape juices are always a good investment. 


The Bottom Line:

With hundreds of CBD vendors emerging in the market, it is easy to get confused while buying CBD vape liquids. We recommend researching the market before picking a vape liquid for you. Reading customer reviews can also be very helpful in understanding which CBD vape liquid is suitable for you. Also, look for the strength of the product. We hope this guide will be helpful when you go to buy CBD vape liquid the next time. 

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