How To Play Online Indian Rummy Game With Rules

The rummy game is one of the oldest games that are still popular with a dedicated base of fans. Due to its popularity, several gaming sites introduced the game to play 24✕7. GetMega is the platform on which people opt to play the game. The platform offers tremendous cash prizes if you win a game. Numerous card games, board games, and quizzes are available in this portal. Through this article, know the rules to play the game of rummy online.

Categories of cards in rummy game

The cards are ranked in ascending order in the rummy game.

  • The highest rank holding cards are King, Queen, Jack, and ten. These cards holding the highest points are called the royal cards. You get 10 points when you have one of these in your hand. 
  • The numbers written on the card are its value points. 
  • The wild card and the joker are given zero points each. 
  • Besides, ace has 1 point dedicated to it. This card is also used as a face card when needed to form a sequence. 
  • The rest of the cards have face value as points dedicated to them. 
  • Declaration of the fourteenth card is done when one of the players has made a sequence or set. After the declaration validation is done.
  • The calculation of opponent points is done as per the format of rummy. 

Rules to play 13 card rummy online

Some of the common rules should be followed for playing 13 cards rummy. The following are the basic rules we should know for getting set for a game of rummy.

  • Table– In an online rummy game you get a virtual table where the game is played. A table accommodates 2 to 6 players. If you consider playing MPL rummy a table can accommodate a maximum of 5 people. 
  • Deck– Rummy is played by the common 52 cards deck. It also has a joker alongside the 52 cards. The set of 52 cards is then divided into 13 cards. The cards belong to 4 different suits having different ranks. The hearts ♥, diamonds ♦, clubs ♣ and spades ♠. All of these suits have king, jack queen, ace, and 2 to 10 numbered cards.
  • Sorting– How cards are rearranged before starting a rummy game is called sorting. After sorting the cards are dealt with the players. After getting the cards player can sort their cards to arrange them in sets and sequences. 
  • Wild cards- The wild card is not a specific card rather it is one among the 52 cards but is chosen randomly before the game starts. You can use this card to replace one of your cards to form impure sequences and sets. The cards are specially dealt with and have certain rummy rules associated with them. 
  • Joker– The Joker is shown in every deck that is opened. 
  • Set– It is a group of 3 or 4 cards belonging to different suits but having the same denomination. 
  • Rummy points– the values that are dedicated to each of the cards in the deck of 52 cards are called rummy points. 
  • Drop– you can opt to drop out of the game at any instance. This is known as a drop. But you will be charged a penalty if you opt for this option. 

Rules of forming sets in the rummy game

Sets can be formed in different ways some of them are illustrated below:

  • Set of 2 cards– if you have 3 ♦, 3 ♣ and 4 ♠, 4 ♥ then you have this set of two cards. However, you should have no joker in your meld to call so. 
  • Three aces– if you have an ace of ♣, ace of ♦ and ace of ♠ then you form such a set. 
  • Three 5 numbered cards alongside a joker– When you have 5 of ♦, 5 of ♥. 5 of ♣ plus a joker then you have such a set. 
  • These are just a few examples of sets. Many other combinations can be made while playing the game. 
  • However, you cannot use 2 or more cards of the same suit to form a set it is termed invalid. 
  • On contrary, you can use 4 cards or more alongside joker to form a 5 card valid set. 

Rummy point system

The following are the rules followed to decide the points of each player while playing rummy:

  • If you have no sets or sequences in your hand then you get points equal to the summation of values of cards present with you. However, the points are capped at 80.
  • If you have a pure sequence and two sequences you get points equal to the summation of card values that are not forming any set or sequence. 
  • On the other hand, you get 80 points if you give an invalid declaration. 
  • If you chose to drop first then you get 20 points. On the other hand, if you choose the middle drop you get 40 points. 
  • If you leave the rummy table in the middle of the game then it is said to be a middle drop. 
  • On the other hand, if you leave the table before choosing any card then it is said to be the first drop. 


Abiding by the rummy rules helps you to fairly play the game. You can use the GetMega app to easily understand the game and start winning prizes in the form of cash. Many other card games like poker are present on the app. Besides, trivia and quiz games are also a part of this portal. My 11 Circle Online is another popular Indian fantasy sports platform. It is a fan favorite for fantasy cricket, football, kabaddi, hockey, basketball, and many more games. It seamlessly combines the worlds of gaming and cash rewards to create a truly exciting experience.


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