How to Play Strip Poker Game Online

Poker is a very interesting game. You require a lot of patience and strategic thinking to completely understand this game and win the game. Well, you might be aware of regular poker but are you aware of a little naughtier version of Poker?  The game of strip poker is a more fun version of poker that is widely enjoyed by the youth. Recent studies state that strip poker is highly enjoyed by university students and basically people in the 18 to 30 years age group. The origins of this game are not very clear. Sure every new generation assumes that they are the pioneers of this insane game. We cannot ignore the fact that every new version of the game evolves from a previous version. 


History has recorded many versions of poker and surely strip poker might also have its origins hidden somewhere. There is really not much difference between poker and strip poker. There is only one small change, instead of betting money or chips people use clothes as currency to bet. The main goal of strip poker is to get your opponents as much of their clothes as possible. It is a very entertaining way to play cards and add a little spice to your part. It can be played with a set group or as a couple too. 

Things you need to play strip poker

To play this poker variant does not require many things but still, it’s better to have certain things prepared for the big game. To play a game of strip poker with friends you will need:

  • At least two to four players 
  • A regular playing cards deck 
  • Poker chips 
  • Munchies 
  • Drinks (optional but it will be better to sip something)
  • A mind open to the wild things 


You can add the twist of money if you want to take things to a higher level. Usually, when friends play poker they do not involve money. In strip poker, you will anyway be losing your clothes so it’s better to stick to that and not lose money too. You can play a normal poker game or a Texas hold’em to start this game. The only thing that matters is your clothes. Whenever each hand is over the players who lose need to remove a clothing item. The game ends when the last standing person manages to defeat every other player and manages to get everyone naked. 


Strip Poker Rules 

As we mentioned earlier, strip poker is just a more entertaining version of poker. There are really only two rules to follow: 

  • Remove a clothing item when you lose a hand. 
  • And pick one item of clothing when you win a hand.

Strips Poker steps

Below are the steps to play strip poker.

Set the game

Begin the game by making sure every player has an equal amount of chips. Then you will have to register each clothing item. For instance, one t-shirt equals one poker chip. After this, clarify the format of the game to the players. Decide the limits of the game to ensure everyone is comfortable enough. Also, make sure no one strange enters the room! 

Deal the cards

Shuffle the cards properly and then deal the cards. Like regular poker, everyone receives 4 cards and 3 are placed face up in the centre of the table. Basically, each player gets two cards that they can see immediately and then the other two that they cannot see yet. 

Deal the flop

Throw the first card in the discard pile. And then place the next three cards on the centre of the table facing up. This is called the flop. It is the same as poker. These can be used by everyone. To make sequences. 

The allowed change

Once the flop is dealt the players can blindly exchange the very first two cards they got. If they wish to change one or both of them they have to do that without looking at the remaining three cards. Although this is an optional step. It depends on the players and the dealer. 

The last flops

After the optional blind exchange, the fourth and fifth flop is dealt with on the table. These are another set of communal cards. Now there are 5flop cards on the table and these can be used by anyone to make sets or sequences. The players will use these to make a 5-card poker hand. 

It is always better to maintain the drama and suspense of the game. 

Play poker!

Now all you gotta do is play poker. The player with the worst hand loses the chip they bet and the clothes related to it.

Dos and don’ts of strip poker

  • Make a comfortable environment for strip poker.
  • Make sure everyone agrees to the rules.
  • Do not force anyone to play the hand if they do not feel comfortable
  • Avoid banters 
  • Avoid people who you know might make the environment creepy
  • Keep it light and full of entertainment. 


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