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A popular youtube name Jaliyah Ma was making news headlines after the rumors of her arrest surfaced online. She was rumored to be arrested and detained in Fort Bend County due to assault allegations. Although there is no official information related to her arrest. The rumors started from the popular social media platform Reddit then circulated all over the internet. Keep reading to explore more about her further in this article. 

Who is Jaliyah Ma?

Jaliyah Ma is a popular YouTuber and social media influencer. She has a huge fan following on social media. People love her entertaining content and provide their support to her each video on the platform. She has a boyfriend and two children. But not married as of now. She is in a relationship for more than 5 years now and revealed her plan to get married to her boyfriend in near future. Not much about her personal and professional life is available to us at the moment. there is no Wikipedia page on the internet. She abstains from sharing her personal stuff in the public domain and kept the information secret. That’s why you won’t find much about her past and present. You can find her on Twitter where she amassed around 415k followers.

In one of her posts, she wrote “In this day in age you really have to master the art of not caring about what people think. The internet will break you if you let it. As long as you know what’s real that has to be enough for you. No proving points because what other people think of you is not your business.”

Jaliyah Ma Arrested

The news of Jaliyah Ma Arrested is taking social media by storm. She was a popular personality and have a huge fan following. One source confirmed that she had around two million followers on her Instagram profile page but due to some controversy her account was made inaccessible and possibly deleted. 

As per the reports circulating she was arrested in Fort Bend County. But there is no official detail related to her arrest that came out in the public domain till now. It may be possible that these rumors are just a fallacy but without any proper source, we can’t confirm anything now. 

Assault Charges

The rumors on Reddit shared the assault allegation as the reason behind her jaliyahma arrested. But question associated with the same victim, reason remain unanswered which further increase confusion and create an environment of chaos among her fan following. 

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