Firearms Trainer James Yeager Announce ALS Illness

A US cop and navy contractor James Yeager lost his life due to deadly ALS disease and illness.

The name of James Yeager has been trending up over the Twitter and Reddit platforms after the news that he is affected by a deadly sickness and declares his need to struggle for Ukraine. At the age of 49, our beloved  Youtuber and Firearms Trainer James Yeager has no more and left his family and friends. Sudden Demise news of James Yeager break the heart of his followers and supporters as he was a nice heart and kind nature guy who is always present for helping others. No doubt that hundreds of people were paying tribute and passing their condolence to the family members and closed once through social media, especially on Twitter.

With around 29k Followers on Instagram, our Superhero has left his account flooded with Tributes and RIP Messages/Here are some condolences and shares posted by supporters of James Yeager:

One Supporter wrote: “I’m buying one rip 🥲🥺I been watching him for 13 years I been sad in I have cried but I know that’s what he wouldn’t want so I have to show support for tactical Response long live a true strong legend

Another said: “I’m so so sorry brother. You deserved so much more but I think you are getting it now. GOD has gained one amazing angel❤️

Once Said: “Have been watching your YouTube videos for years, you taught me how to set up my plate carrier and about 100 other things about protecting myself. Love you buddy. Rest in paradise.”

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James Yeager

What was James Yeager’s Cause of Death?

James Yeager’s cause of death is a mystery for some people as there are many false sources present out there that is claiming the different causes of death but our DeathMilitia Team has brought back the verified sources that truly reveal how did James Yeager die? James Yeager recently admitted a video in which he reveals that he was affected by ALS(Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis). Unfortunately, his heartbreaking disease becomes the cause of his death and now he is no longer with us. We will also discuss the biography of our  American police officer in brief in the next session.

James Yeager

James Yeager, popularly known as a former cop and navy contractor of USA. He gained fame in his profession for teaching self-defense and how to use firearms and other tactical techniques. Yeager ended his last “Big Mission” in the spring of 2022, with 150 Ukrainian soldiers. Yeager ended his last “Big Mission” in the spring of 2022, with 150 Ukrainian soldiers. Jame and his teams had gone to the city of Kyiv, which was then 95% wrapped and under daily bombardment, to provide training to the people who badly needed it.  All this information is collected from verified sources so you can trust it.

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