Every day a new video goes viral on our social media. Out of the same, a new video is going viral, which is a death video of a 13-year-old boy named Jayrip whose death is due to a gang shooting.

So before talking about this incident, we know who is this Jayrip and why is the news of its death becoming so viral.

who is jayrip?

Jayrip was a member of a gang which also became the reason for his death, he died at the age of 13 during a gang shooting. In today’s world, it is as easy to mind wash teenagers as to slander someone, taking advantage of this, gangs mind wash teenagers, and agree him to joining the gang, they agree him to follow the wrong path.


Something similar happened with Jayrip, whose gang was named ‘Crisp’. Included him in the gang and then forced him to follow the wrong path. A 13-year-old gangster shot dead in a raging Bronx street war wanted to leave the Crips days before he was killed, heartbroken pals told The Post on Tuesday.

young rapper jayrip shot dead

That 2 weeks ago we were all sitting together and he was telling us how he got stuffed into this gang named Crisp and got tired of it. And he wanted to leave it, just to earn some money he was associated with this gang. All this is found out by a member of Sirsp, a female friend of Elliot, who is 16 years old, And he has been murdered 4 days ago on Sunday during gang revenge.

Jayrip was a child who was brutally shot and this incident has left his neighbors very shaken inside. People also believe that the culprits behind the death of Jayrip have been arrested by the police. But this has not been disclosed to the public, Because the police believe that those who have been arrested are empty pawns, the real culprit is someone else.

Due to the death of Jayrip, his parents and the whole family are in deep trouble, and they are unable to do anything, just guessing who is the empty culprit. For such children, who are easily misled by anyone, the government should take some strong steps that will stop them, Jayrip is also one of those children who has become a victim of this incident.


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