HBO network “The Rise of a Lakers Dynasty”  is again trending on the internet. The popular series this time came into the media limelight following the release of the rumors of Jerry Buss mom’s demise. The passing of Jessie Buss is all over social networking sites. People are talking about it and trying to dig out more. Internet netizens also express their curiosity about exploring more about jerry buss mom present status. 

Jerry Buss, is a renowned American businessman, chemist, and philanthropist. He was brought up by his divorced mother, Jessie. He shifted to Kemmerer, Wyoming, three years later when her mother remarried someone. On February 18, 2013, which makes him around 80 years old, Jerry passed away due to kidney failure. Although there are some rumors claiming he died due to cancer which he was battling since 2012. 

jerry buss mom

Jessie’s former husband, and father of Jerry, Lydus was an accountant who used to teach statistics at Berkeley. It was recently rumored that Jessie died. Although the degree of truth behind all these rumors and reports circulating all over social media remains a big question. 

Pamela Gray wrote on Facebook reacting to the “The Rise of a Lakers Dynasty”  show  “Tonight’s show is pretty disgusting in a number of ways, but the highlight happens during the All-Star Game viewing Jerry Buss (team owner) holds at the family condo for his mom and daughter. Jessie Buss (the mom) has just arrived home from the hospital after a fatal cancer diagnosis. She’s lied to her son and claims she’s on the mend.

The daughter, Jeanie, knows the truth and is totally disgusted with the way her father acts given her grandma’s situation. Jerry’s bought a new color TV and they’re eating KFC out of a tub on the couch and drinking champagne. — lots of champagne. “

There are so many reactions posted by social media users commenting on Jessi. No doubt the new HBO network show really gaining attention everywhere on the internet. Everywhere people are talking about it. 


It hits the emotional beats when it absolutely has to, I am absolutely devastated by this scene with Jerry Buss and his mom, but I can’t help but feel this should be a lot better than it is. It’s fun, but it’s just at a “meeting expectations” level” said Hunter Felt.

Due to a lack of sources and trusted leads we can’t confirm the current status of Jerry Buss mom. There are rumors all over but no trusted source to get them verified. Our team is trying hard to gain further knowledge. We will make you updated with further facts and information. So kindly follow our website to not miss a single event.  

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