Recently Social media outpours with so many rumors related to the John Cena death. People on social networking sites sharing the news that leads to the generation of a tornado of confusion. We want you not to believe these rumors as there is no official statement from any authentic sources that claims John Cena’s death. Keep reading this article to know more about topics like John Cena news 2021, latest news, car accidents, Death, funeral, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

John Cena Death

John Cena Death News, Dead or Alive

Over the past few hours, we have witnessed so many rumors on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The rumors about John Cena that claims his death with the car accident. So far we did not receive any kind of official statement of his death, so we advised all our readers not to become part of this false chain which base is rumors.

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here is a rumor claiming John Cena died of Covid

“WWE Wrestler John Cena Suddenly passed away with Covid-19 disease ′′ John Cena is Since last week I was infected with Covid 19 11.8.2021 at 6 pm At New York General Hospital Taking medical treatment Suddenly oxygen tanker My heart has died in a long distance. The wrestler is Not only famous in WWE Hollywood movie has been a part of and released last day. DC Super Hero movie Also in Suicide Squad 2 Participated in an important role. John Cena all of a sudden I have died For the world of Hollywood movies It has been a bit of pain Our TVA Channel Admin team I feel so sad too. 😔😔 😔😔”

John Cena RIP

U Sai Marma Jack wrote on Facebook: “(OUR MAN JOHN CENA)was involved in accident Yesterday and he is died.our man JOHN CENA RIP.pls pray for him may her soul rest in perfect Peace. 🥺 #RIP JOHN CENA 🙏🙏🙏”

As of now due to a lack of information, we do not validate any of those rumors. We will update you if there is really anything you need to know. For now, you can take this as just rumors.


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