A Twitter account with the name Katumwa Deus was trending on Twitter. The reason behind his account trending everywhere is the viral video of the girl possibly the lady present in the Porta Potty leaked material who is jumping off the building.

The girl can be seen committing suicide by jumping off from the 3rd floor of the building. The reason behind her act remains uncleared. Although there are lots of rumors which we will discuss in a while. So keep reading to learn more about her. 

who is katumwa deus?

Katumwa Deus was making news headlines after he uploads a video of a girl attempting suicide by falling from the 3rd floor of a building. The video was uploaded on his Twitter account which has more than 700 followers at the time of writing this blog. He wrote many posts on the girl clearly seen ending her life ragazza a dubai video.


From where he got the footage of the same remain undisclosed. Following the viral suicide video of the girl, he came to internet netizens’ attention.

katumwa deus

People started searching his Twitter channel. There is no personal information about his life that is revealed in the public domain. He never shared anything on the platform.

According to his Twitter bio section, Katumwa is a dad, husband, revolutionary leader, and citizen. 

katumwa video twitter

The viral video of katumwa Twitter is all over the internet since his upload. In the video, one can see how a girl trying to jump off the 3rd floor of the building.

The girl in the video is claimed to be the girl who is seen in the Porta Potty leaked video. And due to the worldwide spread of the video caused her great humiliation.

She received huge criticism for doing such a horrific thing on the camera. 

katumwa deus video dubai

The leaked katumwa deus video Dubai is all over Twitter. There are thousands of reactions to the video where people are commenting about the girl’s suspicious suicide.

He wrote sharing the video “Please Twitter join wiz me to mourn for our friend who made suicide in Dubai may her soul rest in eternal peace, but one day Africa as a continent will be liberated and time will come when we a no longer slaves to those pipo okusirika sibutamanya, remain blessed I love u all”

The person who posted the video first on the internet remains unidentified at the moment. The investigation is still going on in this regard. We will keep you updated with further news. 

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