RIP Keaton Pierce, vocalists of Too Close to Touch is saddened to announce the unexpected passing of legendary vocalist Keaton Pierce. He was best remembered for being a member of the American rock band Too Close to Touch. The sudden demise of the Keaton remains undisclosed at the moment. There are hundreds of tributes and condolence from his fan following mourning his untimely passing. Our team also extends deepest condolences to the family members for the great loss. Keep reading to explore more about his life. 

Who was Keaton Pierce?

Keaton Pierce was a renowned singer, songwriter, and vocalist based in America. He is best known for being associated with the rock band Too Close to Touch which is based in Lexington, Kentucky. Sources revealed that the group was formed in 2013 with Keaton Pierce,  Thomas Kidd, and Travis Moore as members. And with the period of time, it got huge success and public support for the amazing songs. Reacted to his death one wrote “Just learned of the tragic loss of my friend Keaton Pierce dude this is hard. One of the greatest vocalists and one of honestly the nicest people you could meet in the industry. Rest easy man…”

Keaton was active on social media platforms like Instagram where around 10.4k people follows him. 

vocalists of Too Close to Touch dead

Keaton Pierce Age

Not much about the personal life of Pierce is revealed in the public domain. Hence details like Keaton Pierce Age, wife, net worth, etc,  can’t be confirmed as of now. Our team is trying its best to collect more information related to his life. We will post it later when we have enough leads. 


One of his fans wrote “rest in peace Keaton Pierce gone way too soon, his lyrics and voice and personality have helped me so much with things I can’t even tell anyone 😭 I’m heartbroken, he was an amazing person”

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Keaton Pierce vocalists of Too Close to Touch dead

The heartbreaking news of too close-to-touch member, Keaton Pierce Death broke the hearts of his thousands of fan base. His unexpected and sudden demise left the family and friends in deep shock. The circumstances around his death remain behind the curtains. There is no official lead confirming the cause of his death. Also, there is no Keaton Pierce obituary available online at the time of writing his blog. There is a lot to uncover in the coming time. So make sure you follow our to not miss a single update. Follow for more updates in future. 


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Too close to touch band member Keaton Pierce unfortunate passing made everyone numb and silent. There are so many RIP messages and post on social media mourning his departure. One commented “I’m absolutely at a loss for words. My deepest condolences to the family and the band. I honestly have never felt so much emotion in music as I did when Keaton sang.”

Another said after learning the saddening news “My heart is broken. Keaton Pierce you will be so missed by every single person who met you. You touched and connected with your audiences in a way I’ve never seen before, and some of my favorite memories were with you and Too Close to Touch. Including human bowling at the venue bar, banging on dog bowls with drumsticks at the show, and inviting the pizza guy back to the hotel to hang out. You won’t ever be forgotten. RIP”

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