Recently the internet sensation Kim Garam was making news headlines after the scandal video came out in the public domain. The video circulated quickly over the social media spaces shortly after its release. The exact source of the video remains unidentified at the moment. Kim has a mass fan following on her social networking sites and the multiple accusations she is facing now has shocked them all. Stay with us to explore more about her life. 

Who is Kim Garam?

Kim Garam is a South Korean trainee under Source Music. She was born on November 16, 2005. As sources confirmed she is an upcoming member of the  LE SSERAFIM, a girl group. The same is going to debut later in the year. She is introduced as the second member of the SSERAFIM in the month of April.

Not much about her personal life is revealed in the public domain. She does not have any official Wikipedia page on the internet. Information related to her net worth, relationship, education, etc remains undisclosed at the moment. She never shared her personal stuff at any social gathering and kept the information secret. 

Kim Garam bullying scandal video

Kim Garam recently became the center of attention after multiple accusations were made public against her. She was accused of bullying her classmates, smoking, and using alcoholic products.

Following, a scandal video is also made public of Kim Garam on the social media platforms. The video came just after her Debut music video with the group LE SSERAFIM .  She was blamed for consuming weeds and other products and beating her classmates who don’t follow her instruction. She used to be abusive in her class.

“Does Hive lack talented children? It lacks attractive, kind, and pretty children. We have to debut school gangsters. If we really debut later, it will be a nuisance to our seniors in the same company. So please leave Kim Garam. Kids who know how to drink and smoke are gangsters” one reacted. 

Garam also allegedly bullied her junior who do not treat her well. After a series of allegations, many of her fans following criticize her. One requested the Hybe for her removal if the allegation surfacing is true. BeJungkook said “Dear HYBE Please don’t let Kim Garam debut if all the allegations/accusations are true. It’s not too late to remove her from the lineup. We are requesting you. We don’t want your company to be ruined just because of one girl who is a bully that you tried to cover up.”

At the same time, some called the same fallacy nothing more.

Although due to a lack of sources and trusted information we can’t clarify much in this regard. As of now, she has not posted anything on the bullying scandal video. 

One of her Kkura Chan wrote “Let me thread these accusations baseless rumors against her, le sserafim Kim Garam is innocent, and I think garam was the victim of bullying. I hope hype drops some statement regarding this.”


Another wrote “i have finally debunked the first picture. kim garam does not have piercings as the girl in the first picture that the antis claim is her. next time don’t be so stupid knetz….the first picture is not whereas the second picture is her from the teaser “

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