There are hundreds of people who become famous every day on social media for some unknown reason. But there are many people who get viral for their NSFW content and recently a new name kirsten titus aka pepperonimuffin joined this list because of her private Instagram story.

The story gets viral shortly after it was published. Internet netizens also seem to be curious to explore more about the Tiktoker.

We will go through more about the complete story of Kirsten Titus popularity in the article later. So keep reading to not miss a single part. 

kirsten titus

who is kirsten titus?

As per the sources, Kirsten was born in  Hawaii in 1997 which makes her 24 years at the time of writing this article. At present, she is living in  Provo, Utah. Titus studies at Brigham Young University and completed her graduation. Information regard of her current relationship/boyfriends remains undisclosed from her side.

In one of her recent tweets, she wrote “Part of me is looking for a rebound, part of me never wants to touch a male ever again and die alone. So I think I’m gonna do the second one bc it’s less work”

There are some rumors but without any confirming leads, it is worthless to share. 


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She is a beautiful internet star and Tiktoker. She has a massive fan following on the different social media spaces.  You can find her On Instagram where around 514k people follow her. On these social platforms, she is known for her killing looks. Apart from this, Her TikTok account has whooping 4.2 million followers. 

kirsten titus instagram story 

Recently she was making news headlines following the Kirsten Instagram Titus story. In the story, her private half can be seen as revealing. Due to this, it went viral shortly after its release on the internet. 

You can find the same circulating all over the different social networking sites like a wildfire. This is yet to be disclosed with what intentions she has posted these kinds of stuff. In the present time, we see many social media influencers do the same to get more popularity and fan following.

Whether Kirsten Titus story is for the same purpose is the big question. Nevertheless, she is getting good attention here which you can observe from her increasing fan base on social handles. There is a really significant spike in her followers and subscribers base. 


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Kirsten Titus Instagram flash

Kirsten Titus Instagram flash became a center of attraction everywhere on the internet after she posted some blaze pics of her private part. The photos get trending on the internet on a huge scale. One wrote in support of Tiktoker “I hope Kirsten never changes she’s so unique compared to other influencers (no negativity).

You deserve it Kirsten and every positive encounter coming your way! manifesting only positivity for you”  Some criticize her for the pics for her revealing Leaked images. At the same time, some gave compliments for the killing looks. We will further keep you informed with the latest news and events. 

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