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There are lots of scandals and video getting circulated all over social media platforms nowadays. Recently the video of Kanwal Shauzab also leaked through the social channel which has not become a center of attraction.

Everywhere on the internet people are talking about it and sharing reactions. Many of the YouTubers also showed their interest in the matter and made videos on the same. We will share more information further on the viral video so keep reading this article. 

Who is Kanwal Shauzab?

Kanwal Shauzab is recently in the news headlines after a private video of Kanwal went viral. We cannot confirm from where it got leaked. People are sharing the leaked video on Twitter and Facebook. Kanwal Pakistani politician who has been a member of the National Assembly of Pakistan since August 2018. Details like her net worth, relationship, etc are not available in the public domain. Since her private video went viral, she has become a subject of discussion on different platforms. People are talking about her. Those who haven’t watched her video are desperately searching for the same on the Internet.

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Kanwal Shauzab Video

As confirmed by some of the sources, Kanal Shauzab is a Pakistani woman who is known for being a PTI leader. She was born in 1982 which means she is currently around 40 years old. She was born in Bahawalpur, Pakistan. Kanwal was a public figure in the country. She has made her name in politics with her work. She was recently in the news after one of her private clips got leaked on the internet.

The video is making rounds all over the internet like wild fire. As she is a public figure her name attached to the leaked stuff makes the same more shocking. As of now Kanwal has not reacted or mentioned anything about the leaked clip. She has still maintained her silence over the same. We will keep you updated with further updates on the same. 

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