Recently a horrible news about the shot of a black pregnant woman named Leona Hale by Kansas police has been surfacing on the internet with a firing speed. The video below shows police surrounding and handcuffing a woman who was shot outside a Family Dollar store. The victim is a woman who had been visiting the city from Arkansas and Louisiana. The video shows the police surrounding and handcuffing the woman as she lay on the ground.

The video also shows the police blocking off the parking lot. The woman was identified as Leona Hale by Shedanza. Leona Hale’s death has been noted on social media, with many mourners expressing their sadness over the shooting. People are enraged with the cruel behavior of the police toward the woman. We will share more details of the matter further in this blog. 

Who is Leona Hale from Kansas?

There is no official word on what caused Hale’s death, but her age is accounted for like 26. Despite the rumors that her age has been changed, no official announcement has been made. The incident has evoked comparisons between the shooting and the recent Buffalo gun capture. While both incidents were unjustified, one must question the police’s use of force. The exact reason behind the barbaric shooting of the pregnant woman in Leona Hale Kansas remains a big doubt. 

Leona Hale Kansas

The shooting took place on March 25. The Missouri State Highway Patrol is investigating the shooting, as are other cases involving police. Currently, two officers have been placed on administrative leave. Shenandoah was getting gas near the shooting site when the incident took place. As a result, she was able to see the police shouting “Get out of the car,” urging the two men inside to get out of the vehicle. However, the male driver of the vehicle fled before Hale got out.

Pregnant woman shot 5 times by Kansas Police 

There are photos circulating around on the internet in which you can see her hands up. Later she got shot not once but five times in a row. Whatever be the reason but doing something like this can never be justified. These kinds of actions often lead to the loss of people in the general public to the police. Our team is trying to explore more about it and the reason why all this happened in the first place. But as of now, there is nothing useful found out. The case is still under investigation. There are lots of details that are yet to be answered. We are trying our best to gain further knowledge about this matter. 

Leona Hale Death Video

A video of Leona Hale Death is circulating around on the internet following the incident happened. The viral clip is already seen thousands of times and got a huge response from the viewers. People are enraged with the police action toward the poor pregnant woman. In the video, You can see that she got the victim of police continuous bullet shots. Although there are some leads confirming her alive with severe condition. Ryan Shead said “Leonna Hale is alive, thankfully, in severe but stable condition. No word on a baby yet. She is suffering from a broken arm, collapsed lung, and 2 bullets they couldn’t remove.”

People show their protest and demanded immediate justice for the lady who was about to give birth to a new life. No doubt these kinds of incidents raised big questions about the force and misuse of power. We will continue to update you about the status in the future. 

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