Lionel Peterson, an eminent Gospel Singer from south Africa is recently in trend after the news of his death surfaced online. He was 74 years old at the time of his saddening demise. We will discuss the circumstances of his death later in the blog.

His sudden demise has broken the hearts of several of individuals who like and follow him. Our team shares our deepest condolence with the family members and loving friends who have lost such a gem. 

Who was Lionel Peterson?

Lionel Peterson was a popular gospel singer and social media star. He was born in October 13, 1947, in Alexandra, Johannesburg. He was passionate about singing and got inspiration from many of renowned names like Elvis Presley, Tom Jones, etc. Lionel started singing when only he was 10 years old. Most of his life was spent singing songs for the people. In the 1970s, Peterson played many songs with R&B bands. Later on when he got shifted to other place, he decided to join The Invaders, a popular band in Port Elizabeth.

The saddening news of Lionel Peterson’s death broke the hearts of several individuals. The reason behind his death remains uncertain at the moment. Dr. Gbenga Afolayan reacted to the demise “I am shocked To Read About Lionel Peterson’s Death He really fought hard and he won. We used his song for choreography when I was in secondary school. Good night, my brother in Christ. Will be missed”

Lionel Peterson Died

He was 74 years old at the time of his demise. People who listen to his songs are heartbroken by the news.

Lionel Peterson Died

They have never imagined something like this will happen in this way. Our team wanted to share heartfelt tributes and condolence with the family members who are going through a lot in this period. “Just learning of the passing of the great gospel minister, Lionel Peterson at 75. He’s undoubtedly one of the greatest gifts that God bestowed on humanity through South Africa; a man whose songs uplifts the soul. Coincidentally, Facebook just reminded me of a hilarious post I made about his masterpiece ‘Peace’ (see comment section). May his beautiful soul rest in peace, Amen!”

As mentioned above the exact cause of death remains uncertain at the moment. Lionel Peterson wrote sharing his feeling “Lionel Peterson, the founder of the renowned South African R&B and gospel group The Winners, passed away recently at the age of 75. He will be greatly missed by his many fans, but his music especially the Rejoice Africa Album with the song *PEACE*  will lives on as a testimony” The family members have not revealed anything in this matter as of now. There are plenty of mourning messages all over the social media platforms. 

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