Do you know who is Litzi Botello and what has happened to him? He is getting in the headline of the news. Users are interested to discover more details about her they want to discover every single thing about port protection cast death.

As far as we know he is known for being the Port Protection star, he is pretty famous among people,  it is being claimed that he is dead.

This news shocked everyone as soon as they came to know this, netizens have become active on social media and the internet. As of now, they are searching for him on the web to get the latest updates about him.

You might be confused that he is dead or alive? some are searching for what is the reason behind his death. To get all your answer keep reading the post till the end.



Who is Litzi Botello?

Litzi was best known for being part of the reality series Port Protection. which gives a beautiful presentation of the daily life of the remote area of Prince of Wales Island, Alaska. She was born there on November 22, 1958, and sadly passed away on June 25, 2021. Litzi spent almost more than 40 years of her life in the area.

Talking about her personal life, Litzi Botell a married John Bean. The couple was blessed with two sons Leland and Johnny. There are some recent reports that came out on social media platforms claiming Litzi Botello’s son Johnny’s death. But as of now, we can’t confirm much in the context due to a lack of sources. 


What happened to Litzi Botello on port protection?

Litzi Botello died last year on November 22, 1958, in Norwell, California. Her saddening passing broke the hearts of thousands of individuals who likes her. Her popularity jumps many folds following the hit series Port Protection.

She was known for her courage and unbeatable spirit towards life. For your kind information, she has only one arm but that did not halt her journey to becoming a successful American artist. 

Deb O. Ross reacted “Oh Litzi, thanks for making the world a much richer place for everyone your life touched. 40 some years of having you as a dear friend were not nearly long enough, but I’m grateful for every bit of them and miss you so much. I know you are at peace and thankful your suffering has ended, but it is so hard to let you go.”

how did litzi botello die?

The cause of death of the tv personality remains undisclosed at the moment. There is no official source confirming the reason behind her saddening departure. Recently the news of her younger son Johnny’s death broke out on the internet. The news circulated all over the social media platforms creating buzz among people.

But owing to a lack of sources and trusted leads we can’t elaborate the same. There are rumors spreading claiming her son died in the car crash but no trusted lead came out in this regard. We will keep you updated with the latest news and events. So make sure you follow our page 

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