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Popular Amazon Prime’s Solos star Constance Wu recently comes into the spotlight on the internet. As per our sources, She recently revealed her boyfriend’s intro to the world. Here in this post, we will discuss more her boyfriend, who is he? and check some interesting facts about him.

Constance Wu is now starring in the new Amazon prime series Solos. Because of which her fans are happy for her. Recently she comes to The Jimmy Fallon Show on Saturday, May 22 to discuss some upcoming projects of her future with others. In that late-night show,  she also revealed some facts about her baby daughter. She said that her daughter has ‘Little Blue Butt.’

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Constance Wu is a Golden Globe nominee 39-year-old beautiful woman. She has thousands or millions of fans on her social media account. On Jimmy Fallon Show she said “I had a beautiful baby girl in August. She’s the best, she’s the best. She has a full head of hair. She has a blue butt.” This sounds a little bit wired but she said this in the love with her daughter. Now let heading towards her Boyfriend.


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Constance Wu Boyfriend Ryan Kattner Wikipedia

From our sources, we get to know that popular Constance Wu is currently dating music composer and screenwriter Ryan Kattner. Ryan’s experimental rock band originated in Philadelphia but now is based in Los Angeles. Ryan is a popular lead singer in the world of music. He also has thousands of fans and followers on his social profile like Constance Wu. In the band of Ryan, many other energetic and talented people present because of which their band is so popular. Moog Little Phatty & clavinet are the 2 music tools in which Ryan is a specialist. 

Some popular albums of Ryan Band are Six Demon Bag (2006), Rabbit Habits (2008), Life Fantastic (2011), and more. 

Constance Wu’s Baby Daughter

Around august of 2021, both Constance and boyfriend Ryan welcomed their baby daughter. As per our sources, They both keep this news private for a long time and didn’t post anything about it on social media for a whole year. But recently Larry Taube confirmed this news but it is still unknown that how long Constance and Ryan have been dating. 

Famous Hollywood star Constance speaks about her baby daughter for the first time on The Tonight Show. she also said about her Newborn baby that “Yes, her butt is the color blue.” She then went on to explain, “There’s this thing, I had never heard of it before. But it’s called a Mongolian spot. Apparently, it happens in a lot of Asian babies, and my boyfriend and I are both Asian.”

A blue butt, or a Mongolian spot, is officially known as congenital melanocytosis. Doctors said that It usually appears in the first few weeks of the birth of a baby. 

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