A Twitter account is recently making news headlines after it uploads TikTok model Rosalie’s leaked video. The video is getting viral on social media with insane speed. Everywhere on the internet people are sharing and making it more flamed with their searches for Rosalie Beauty twitter.

The video came from nowhere and spread like a wildfire. A Twitter account with the name meijerchyara has also uploaded the same.

People have started searching about the account to get direct access to the video. We will share more details of the same further in this blog. 

Who is meijerchyara?

Meijerchyara is a twitter account. The handle is knowns for uploading inappropriate leaked videos and photos. This is plausible that the account is made only for the purpose of popularity nothing more. As there is no personal information revealed by the person behind the account.

The account is currently followed by around 150 people. The account was created recently in the month of May 2022. And started gaining followers at a rapid pace all thanks to the leaked adult videos.

The account does not contain any revealing information about the person. We are still trying to gain further details about the person behind the account. 

Meijerchyara Twitter link

Meijerchyara Twitter was gaining everyone’s attention following its release of the leaked video of popular TikTok star Rosalie.

The actual source of the video remains unidentified at the moment. But no doubt the leaked video is trending and gaining popularity on social networking sites.

People are liking it and sharing which further adds fuel to the fire. 

Rosalie Leaked Video 

Meijerchyara Twitter account has only one video on the handle which is of Rosalie beauty. She is a popular TikTok star and has a massive fan following.

Her recent leaked video surprised as well as shocked her fan following.

No one knows from where it got leaked first. There are some rumors claiming the video was leaked by Rosalie herself but without any stringent proof, it would be too early to jump to any conclusion. 

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