Recently a woman who has gone viral named is Melissa Arbuckle, is a mother. As of now, she is hitting the headline of the news after the shocking news came out there she had killed her 3-month-old baby by placing her on the train track. The court, has told or declared her a mentally disturbed person.

Now many people are searching for her and they are looking for more updates. They want to know everything related to her which is why they are continuously searching on the internet.

Who iss Melissa Arbuckle?

So far, as you know as of now she is 32 years old and she is facing the Victorian Supreme Court on Tuesday after that she was found guilty. Netizens are showing so much interest to know about her.

As per the Crown Prosecutor, Robyn Harper had told the court that on the day of the horror Melissa Arbuckle’s sisters and mother had gone out to visit with her 3-month-old daughter whose name was Lily.

She has thought to go for a walk with her daughter after that she had started to search online about trains including timetable speeds and train derailments.

Even train driver has also supported Melissa Arbuckle walking on the tracks at Upwey in Melbourne’s East. She was holding her daughter at the time, driver was shocked at the time, he knew that he would collide with them.

Melissa Arbuckle Killed Her 3 months old Baby

After that, she was moved towards the train in a suspicious way which shocked everybody. And quickly emergency breaks were activated. The Train Driver had also informed police that he closed his eyes when he got to know that train is going to collide. All onlookers were also seeing that both are laying on the tracks and she wanted to harm herself.

The baby was injured and that is why the baby was rushed to the hospital but shortly after head injuries he died, he could not be saved. It is sad news, spreading on the internet.

Many people are expressing their condolence over the sad demise of the innocent soul, they are paying tribute to the baby through social media, and may her soul rest in peace. Netizens are bent on reacting to this matter, they are making tweets.

There is not much info related to Melissa Arbuckle’s husband, even the complete reason behind is not revealed in the public domain we will inform you with the latest updates on the same matter. For more latest and viral news keep visiting this site.

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