Like every time, this time also a strange video is going viral on social media. This time the name of the video which is going viral is Mokocontrol Leaked Viral Video. It is not a big deal for any video to go viral on Twitter, Similarly, another new video is coming out on Twitter and Reddit. Which remains a topic of discussion on those platforms. But this video has also violated Twitter’s Privacy Policies and Tram and Conditions.

who is mokocontrol twitter?

We would advise you about this video that you should stay away from these types of videos on social media. It is equally advisable to stay away from such videos as they can harm your morals as well as spoil your whole day. Ever since this video has reached the people and been seen by the people, it is getting more and more attention of the people, this type of video impresses people quickly. This video is becoming so viral on social media that people are getting eager to know about it, and if you also want complete information about this video, So stay with us till the end.

You are here means you are very eager to go about this video, then you don’t have to worry, You will get complete details about this video on our site. With the help of some sources, we have brought complete information about this topic for you, just to know about it stay with our article till the end.

Looks like the first day of this week has been an exciting day for Twitter users and its employees. It has also been learned from the help of sources, that the apex censorship advocate named Vijaya Gadde at Twitter convened a digital meeting with the legal team to discuss policies and what the new ownership means to them. Just like Elon Musk bought a huge platform like Twitter, Vijay Godde called this meeting, After all, stay with us to know what happened in this meeting.

mokocontrol video

A Twitter spokesperson named Trenton, she has claimed that during the conference, Vijaya Gadde became very emotional when she was telling about the new policies of Twitter. And she also praised the team for its contribution to the team. And even during the meeting, she started crying and she said how can Twitter change. Vijaya also admitted that there is a lot of uncertainty about what the company would look like under Elon Musk.

According to reports, Vijaya Gadde has been involved with the company since Twitter and he holds the position of its CEO in charge of the company’s legal, security, and civil rights policy. . In addition, he also led the discussion on Elon Musk and Twitter. That is all for now of this issue but we will update you as soon as something happens in the news, contact us for more information and improvements.

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