A piece of Horrific news recently came on the internet which broke the hearts of thousands of people. A girl name Naira Ashraf was murdered by a young man. The incident happened in the daylight in front of the university. The reason Naira got murdered brutally in this way was linked with her rejection of the proposal from the guy.

The boy was harassing her on Facebook as well as online through different modes for the past couple of days. But when she rejected him clearly he loses his cool and took the step which shocked the entire internet. The whole incident was recorded in a video about which we will talk later in this blog. 

Who is Naira Ashraf?

Naira Ashraf is an Egyptian student who studied at Mansoura University in Dakahlia. She was a caring girl with loving family members. Naira was living a peaceful life until she started receiving harassing messages from a young guy. The person harras her on Facebook as well as sometimes the physical.  The girl rejected her many times but the boy was not named to end the mess.

Naira Ashraf

He continues to harass her from time to time sometimes through Facebook or sometimes through other means. Julia wrote “Naira Ashraf, an Egyptian woman who was slaughtered in front of her university Al Mansourah by a man she rejected, despite her screaming for help no one tried to help her, instead of people now are sharing a vile video with zero respect to her family.”

Naira Ashraf video

When the Naira Ashraf was on the way to her class she got slaughtered by the man. The man was the same one who got rejected by Naira and her family multiple times. But no one knows that he will jump to such a horrific act.

The way Naira met her end really shocked the entire world. Our team shares heartfelt condolence with the family members who have lost their family members. There are a series of tribute messages all over social media platforms. When the murder took place someone recorded the whole incident in a video. The video of the same is getting so much popularity on the internet. People are searching about it on google to get direct access to the video.

In the video, it is clearly seen how the man cut the throat of the screaming girl in front of a huge pubic. Later on, after he cut her throat, she got caught by the people around him.  As per the reports Naira Ashraf died at the moment due to serious injuries in the neck and the heavy blood loss at the site.

Sherele Moody commented on the clip “Naira Ashraf Abdel Qader was repeatedly stabbed by a male classmate who relentlessly stalked her. Now social media users are sharing photos of her body while some media outlets are publishing the images. There’s no peace for women in life or death!”

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