The former personal assistant of crossdresser Bobrisky, oye kyme was trending on the internet following her private clip leaked. She recently lament about the incident on the internet. The viral video of the Oye is being shared heavily by the people on the internet.

You can find it on Twitter as well as Reddit. The original uploader of the clip remains unidentified at the moment. The viral video known as Oye Kyme has recently flooded the internet.

The video has become a highly talked about topic on the internet. Even news organizations are reporting about this video.

oye kyme viral video

However, what exactly is it and how did it become so popular? In this article, we will provide you with some basic information. To help you understand the viral video, check out the following information:

Who is Oye Kyme?

Oye Kyme, a former personal assistant to cross-dresser Bobrisky, entered the spotlight after her private explicit clip went viral. Since becoming famous on the internet, she revealed that she was pursuing a new career. Oye Kyme’s story has made its way to the front page of many news sites.

Oye Kyme has since quit her job as Bobrisky’s assistant and pursued her pornography career. She has recently responded to questions from her fans on her Instagram story.

Her answer to a fan’s inquiry about her decision to enter the pornography industry stated that she wanted to “show off my talent and passion” in the adult industry. Despite the negative press from her past career, Oye Kyme has now made her way to the top of the pornographic scene and is making sensational videos that will likely go viral.

Personal information related to her life like age, boyfriend, and net worth all remain hidden at the moment. She is quite hesitant in sharing this stuff with strangers. 

Oye kyme viral video

The Oye Kyme viral video has become the hottest topic on the Internet. While many other viral videos are making money and gaining massive popularity, this video has managed to spread quickly and garner even more attention online. Now, even people who haven’t watched the video are searching for it. And that’s why the video is getting more attention than ever. 


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Oye Kyme has become a phenomenon of sorts. Countless photos and videos were created, and her popularity only grows. The leaked video of Oye Kyme contains inappropriate content, and it has been downloaded thousands of times. As we all know she is engaged in an adult entertainment career. So for many, the clip is not surprising. 

Oye kyme Scandal 

Oye Kyme is active on Instagram where around 170k people follow her. She has a massive fan following on social media platforms. People like her content and crave her bold and racy content. The recent Oye kyme Scandal has surprised many of her followers. Talking about her reaction she is quite sad about the leaked video. From some leads, it was revealed that she did not want her videos to get leaked in her home country. 

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