Whitney Kait, popular photographer, and Tiktoker are trending these days after the report of her accident surfacing online. She is best known for her amazing transforming makeup which she posts on Tiktok and other social media spaces. By entertaining people with the same, she has been managed to holds lacs of followers on her accounts. The news of her accident creat a tense environment among her fan following. We will discuss more her further in this article.

Who Is Tiktoker Whitney Kait a.k.a Muawk?

Whitney Kait knew by the names Whitney Doxey or Muawk. She was born on April 9, 1997, in Ogden. But late shifted to Los Angeles, CA. If you ask about her profession then she is a Photographer, Model, and Celebrity Makeup Artist. MUAWK will work as the Head Makeup Artist for the film ‘Demons in the Shadows ‘ in the future. She shows her makeup masterpieces on social media spaces like Tiktok and Instagram.

Whitney Kait a.k.a Muawk

According to her IMBD profile “Whitney Doxey also known as Whitneykait was born April 9, 1997 in Ogden, UT. She currently resides in Los Angeles, CA. She is a Photographer, Model and Celebrity Makeup Artist. Along with several other enterprises she’s employed with, she’s acting as the Head Makeup Artist for the upcoming film ‘Demons in the Shadows ‘.”


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It would not be wrong to say that her makeup skill completely transform the person. You can find her on Instagram where she amassed 240k followers. On the TikTok platform, she is available with the name  @muawk has achieved the milestone of 2.9 million followers.


Whitney Kait Accident

There is not much information available with our team at the moment confirming whether Whitney Kait was indulging in an accident or not. MUAWK has not disclosed anything about her current status yet to the public. Her fans are really concern about her status as rumors of her terrible accident surfacing online. Our team is regularly checking for further information to keep you updated with each fact.


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Muawk Tiktok

MUAWK was well known for her drastic transformation with makeup on TikTok. She was doing this for a very long time and now she was managed to entertain millions of her followers worldwide very easily.


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