A new term Pop4ukraine has got viral on social media and you will be amazed by knowing the reason for its popularity. According to the Sources, a Ukrainian pop star who is currently defending his country from Russian troops thanked Ed Sheeran for his concert for Ukraine yesterday.

Furthermore, we also found that before Russia invaded his country, Taras Topolia was the lead singer of the pop-rock group Antytila ​​and traveled the world with the band members. Be with DeathMilitia.com, to know all about Pop4ukraine.

Who is Pop4ukraine?

A Band with name of Pop4ukraine is getting hype on the internet because of sending a message from the front to Ed Sheeran asking them to perform at a concert in Ukraine last night (March 29). While the band did not perform during the two-hour benefit show, Taras has now recorded a video from the front thanking Ed for his presence at the concert.


Further Taras said in uniform: “I want to thank all Ukrainians for helping us and attending future concerts. This is very important for Ukrainians because my colleagues in the band Antytila ​​and I are fighting the Ukrainian army, but Our families, our wives, and children are not with us and they need help like millions from war-torn cities fleeing.”

“So, this concert, with or without Antitila, will help our women, our children, and others in need. So I just want to say thank you, Ed Sheeran, for helping us as UK citizens.

“It’s really impressed us. It’s very exciting for us because we know that the people who are praying for us here and here in Europe are helping us. It’s the only way we can win this war.”

Ed Sheeran replied to Pop4ukraine

Later on, Popular musical personality Ed Sheeran replied to them through a video in which he said:

“I just want to say to all Ukrainians, I love you, I support you and I’m proud to be at the fundraiser next week.”

“Guys, I can’t wait to try your music too. I send a lot of love.”

Before the war with Russia,  Taras Topolia was the leading rock band Antytila which was formed in 2007. You can know more about the band online on the internet as it performs in more than 50 cities in its home country. We will update you more about 

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