Primark Fight Video in Birmingham between the two women gaining so much attention these days on the internet with different Platforms like Heluvara Twitter. 

The leaked video was shooted by the crowd present at the moment. The Primark fight video twitter can be seen on different social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, etc.

If you haven’t watched it and searching for the video clip here and there then your search stops here.  Keep reading this blog to not miss anything about the same. 

A fight video clip confirmed from the BIRMINGHAM getting so much attention these days. The fight scene is of a shop in the BIRMINGHAM which is of 160,100 sq. toes of area. 

The fight video of the Primark got leaked on the internet and circulated like a wildfire.

People from all over the world has shared their reaction to the fight video of the two women. You can see the viral clip was shooted in the shopping complex Primark. The fight between the two women got intense.

At the moment we are unable to find the exact reason behind the fight. There is no source that confirms the cause which makes them thirsty for each other blood. Katie Hodgetts New posted on Facebook “How are you all sharing a video of girls fighting in Birmingham Primark, sharing the video of the girl pooing? How SICK can you be? What if that was you?? Do u have any idea of how that girl could feel right about now? What if she takes her own life because of this? Poor girl! I hope karma gets all the people who seriously find it funny!!”

Heluvara Twitter Fight Video

If you are searching for the video on Twitter then you can find it on Heluvara Twitter. The same has thousands of fan following. The leaked video was uploaded on the channel a day before on July 10. At present around 7,940 people follow the account. You can find the video clip on the handle which is liked by more than 1700 people as of now. There are lots of reaction messages on the same as well. Many condemn the person who recorded the clip and make it available on the internet. 

The person behind Heluvara Twitter handle remains unidentified at the moment. There are no details available about Heluvara in the public domain which we can share. If you visit the Twitter handle then you will find the handle is full of fight videos. And this time too the leaked video of fighting between the two females in the shop was uploaded on the channel.

Primark Fight Video

The fight between the two women was in Birmingham caught on camera. Primark fight video has created a special interest of hundreds of YouTubers and internet netizens.

You can find several videos on youtube explaining the video clip but most of them are just clickbait as there is nothing useful there.

As of now the reason behind their argument remain undisclosed. Those who watched the video are sharing it on different platforms and giving fuel to the fire. The woman is seen in the video clip also remains unidentified as of now. So we cant tell you anything about the woman fighting at the scene.

Following the video clip got viral, many shared their reactions on social media platforms.

Like Rhiannon Osborne wrote on Facebook “When you watch the Primark fight video in Birmingham”

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