Who is Queen Naija’s sister Tina Frost? Wiki, Age, Biography, Boyfriend, Net Worth, Instagram

Nowadays the social media limelight is shifted towards a family drama. Queen Naija, a famous American singer, songwriter, and Youtuber having a clash with her sister name Tina Frost on Instagram. The series of arguments between the two leads to the disclosure of family secrets in public. Naija fans are still in very much confusion and wondering how to reacts to the situation. Most of the people on social media following Naija is still unaware of Tina. That’s why on the internet Tina Frost is now a subject which everybody wants to know more about.  They all wanted to know more about her. So here in this article, you will learn Who is Queen Naija’s sister? Her Wikipedia, age, profession, relation and more interesting facts which you are unaware about.

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The clash between Queen Naija and her sister Tina Frost

The dispute between Naija and her sister starts with a post of Naija depicting her son CJ at graduation. In The picture, She and her son are accompanied by her boyfriend name Clarence White. After looking at this Queen Naija ex-boyfriend Chris Sails share his feeling through Instagram that he was not even aware of his son been in the graduation. He gets to know about it through her post. That all makes Naija impatient and after that, she starts arguing with Chris. In between her sister, Naija took an entry into the battleground. Tina Frost starts slandering her sister with so many family secrets.

Eventually, matter completely dragged down in public. In the argument, Naija’s current boyfriend Clarence White also participates by demeaning Tina for abusing Naija. After the argument of  Naija’s boyfriend Clarence, the dispute heated many folds. One after the other demeaning statement from both sides completely dragged down a personal family matter into the public. Many of Najia’s fans also took part in the fight by reacting to the comments. According to them, Tina is not as much popular as her sister is, And this is the reason why she dragged down personal matters into public to demean her sister in any way. As per their thought, it was jealousy noting else. We did not validate any of such thoughts because we still did not know the full matter between them. Without complete information, it would be too early to come on any result. 

After the heated arguments from both sides ends, social media users circulate this everywhere. For many, it was a source of entertainment. They circulate it to other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram. So far there are no apologizing posts that came from any side to solve the matter. You can stay tuned with us to get more detail related to the matter. We will update this post as soon as we get more facts from our sources. 

ueen Naija's sister Tina Frost

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Who is Tina Frost?

Tina Frost is a comedian and YouTuber by her profession. She runs a YouTube channel name TNT Squad. In the channel, she often uploads life vlogs-related content. On her channel, she has around 28.1 k subscribers. That means she is not as popular as her sister is. On her Instagram handle, she is been followed by around 150k peoples. Her social media account confirms that she is currently living in Detroit, a city in Michigan. There is no sufficient information is available in public about her like her age, husband, net worth, etc. We are still searching for different sources to update you further about her personal and professional life.

Tina Frost is recently in news because of her dispute with her sister Naija who is well known American singer and YouTuber. Tina’s arguments with her sister cross the limit when she starts demeaning her by sharing their private stuff in the public on social media. The dispute between Queen Naija and her sister is not what starts suddenly and takes this terrible form. And the proof of this is the Tina Frost video, around one month ago Tina Frost upload a video on her YouTube channel related to her clash with her sister.


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