A viral video with the name ragazza a Dubai video that has already been known for different words like Dubai porta potty viral video is getting the hype on the internet again. It seems that every new day, hundreds of videos go viral on social media for some nonsense reasons and something like that is related to our current topic which we are going to discuss in detail in the article. So let’s get started now.

what is a Dubai porta potty?

We are pretty much sure that you must have heard about the name of the Dubai porta potty in which an unnamed woman was forced by her friends to eat their Po*p. The viral video is getting popularity on the internet and it contains NSFW and nonsense views about a woman.

As the internet is full of educational material but there are hundreds of bad elements that were also presented here. Even when it comes to becoming viral, people with NSFW content or something weird easily become viral with the help of social media and a star overnight.

ragazza a dubai video

Besides ragazza a Dubai video, people were eagerly looking for the complete story behind the woman who was featured in the video. And some sources claimed that according to an unknown woman, the lady featured in the video is a prosti*ute by profession and she was forced by her male Arabic friends to do this nonsense action for a compensation of high fees.

watch ragazza a dubai video

Like fire in the forest, the viral video of ragazza a Dubai video is getting viral on the internet. Almost millions of people were searching for the video every single minute and it seems that this search trend is not going to be down easily. that’s why our DeathMilitia.com team does all the research for you and bring a completely ready article where you can watch the full video of ragazza a Dubai video and have a look at the complete story behind the woman featured in the video.


The controversy of the unknown woman and her action in ragazza a Dubai video has become an active viral topic on the internet. Almost every internet guy is familiar with the controversy of ragazza a Dubai video and the woman behind it. Some people also know this concept with another name of DUBAI PORTA POTTY.  Here we will disclose the complete update of the woman who traveled to Dubai to perform this shameful act for the sake of money.


Dubai porta potty wikipedia

No doubt that the video contains NSFW content that is unexpected from any woman no matter what their profession is. that’s why we were unable to promote that video on our website. But we will update you if we find anything new in this matter or we find anything about the woman featured in the viral Dubai porta potty video. 

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